New York at dusk from the Top of the Rock (2008)
On a day when we remember, it seems the right thing to dream. So many dreams turned to ash on this day twelve years ago. So many stories cut short. And yet…out of the devastation new dreams have been born. And we hold the ordinary moments closer to our breast.
It’s a quiet day here today. I am remembering. But my dear friend Alicia from The Overflow has invited me to dream over at her place today. You are invited too. Let’s dream together today. 


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    I miss you too, D. I can’t seem to get caught up with life lately. God has showered me with so many blessings–this book, the preaching, the other writing deadlines, and now…I’m a band parent. All good things but my head is spinning! I’m hoping after marching season things will slow down. I owe you a long email. Sending love your way. I keep you in prayer.

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