Sweet like Jelly

When we were kids we always wanted more jelly on our bread. PB&J was a summer lunch staple during my growing up years. It had it all:  was packed with protein, was yummy and delish, easy and quick, and was a cheap way to feed four hungry kids. But we always wanted more sweet and sticky on our bread and our mamma was always trying to stretch the jelly.
“You don’t need that much,” she would say, as she supervised our messy construction. But we wanted that purple gooeyness so thick it would soak through and turn the top of the sandwich to grape. We’d leave a trail of sticky fingerprints all the way out to the front porch where we would consume our prize. 
And today, I’m thinking about this: it’s hard to find the perfect balance of the sweet things and the stick-to-your-ribs things in life. Don’t you think so? Every day we make choices that could determine the course of the day, the course of a life. The choices we make matter. The things we say to our kids, to our spouses, to ourselves…they matter. And I’m not just talking about refraining from destructive talk. I mean…where is the sweetness in my words?
My mother-in-law brought over some of her homemade peach jam the other day and this morning, as I packed the boys’ lunches for school I found myself standing at the table of my childhood. I stood there in front of a bread thick with peanut butter, knife at the ready. 
I hesitated only briefly before spreading the biggest glob of golden sweetness over that sure foundation. 

Where are you spreading sweetness today?


  1. Douglas Jenkins says

    The Cake Amendment to the PB&J Conundrum:
    The only purpose for cake is to deliver the thickest layer of icing possible!


  2. Sharon O says

    And it is even better with warm homemade bread… real butter, peanut butter and homemade jelly. I always liked the apple…
    Today my sweetness has not been spread. In fact I sent a note that needs an apology… but that is good, I am humbled and can do it.

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