31-ish Days of Prayer: A Prayer for the Busy

Dearest Lord,

You know everything that is on the list today. All the “need-tos” and all the “want-tos”. You see the desires of my heart. Let every sense of urgency become an urgency for you. Help me slow down–to see as you see and know what really matters. Help me to look into the eyes of your people with love, to really SEE them, Love. Shed this tired body of all this selfish ambition, empty me of myself. Refresh me, Lord. Give me Sabbath moments with you in the midst of all this crazy. Let your voice be louder than all this din around me–all this din within. My soul thirsts for you as in the desert, my spirit longs to be one with you. Help me to be still–if only in my mind, in my heart–and know that you are God. In the lovely name of Jesus, Amen.


  1. Lane Arnold says

    May my hearing tune out all but the invitation to dine with You, here among the din within and with out…

    Thank you, Laura, for this good reminder to stay stilled on the Still One.

  2. DeanneMoore says

    In the “lovely name of Jesus” —yes, and thank you. I need a little help praying this morning Laura. So thankful for this prayer.

  3. Lynn D. Morrissey says

    Laura, thank you for this strenghtening prayer. The name of my ministry is Heartsight Journaling, and I continually ask the Lord for eyes to see below the surface of people and places. When God opens the eyes of our heart, He gives us eyes to see others like He does…..even those the world deems unlovely. When we see past the surface and circumstances, we see people who long to be loved, and who are, indeed, loveable. I loved meeting you at Allum!

  4. Nancy Sturm says

    “Be still and know that I am God….” One of my favorite verses. Only with God’s leading can we achieve that stillness in the midst of the chaos. Beautiful prayer!

  5. Brianna Wasson says

    Hi Laura! Thank you for making my heart remember that God Himself is worth all my urgent moments. I seem to so easily forget. Such a beautiful prayer, my dear friend.

  6. Donna C says

    Ahhhhhh… this is what I need today. Thank you Laura! In the middle of summer school holidays here, with 4 children running crazy wild with water guns in and out of the house and the wind has gone wild as well, slamming doors open and shut and blowing everything off the verandah… “Give me Sabbath moments with you in the midst of all this crazy.” Yes Lord, amen!

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