31-ish Days of Prayer: A Prayer for the Hard Place

The morning sings gray on the horizon and this rain that falls, Lord? It’s a cold rain that brings the sky down. My heart has been troubled. I’m praising you now in this slow, steady rain. I ask for strength to praise you when the winds begin to stir the trees and the grasses of the field. Where would I go, Lord, if not to you? You are my shelter, my hope, my all. You tuck me in the cleft of the rock; you cover me with your hand. You  sing over me and will never leave me alone. I am resting in your good care. Take these tears and wash me. Make me clean and strengthen me. Open my eyes to the beauty there is in this hard place. In the holy name of Jesus, Amen.


  1. pastordt says

    Ah, sweetheart. I’m so sorry for the hard place. I’m reading all of these and praying them as I do. Thanks for them all. Thanks for you. How can I pray for you, dear friend?

  2. Mary Gemmill says

    Ah, Laura, how good it is to get to the place where you now find yourself, where you are resting in His good care.

    May The Strong God—may He give you His blessings,

    Blessings tumbling out of the skies,

    Blessings bursting up from the Earth— blessings of breasts and womb.

    May the blessings of your father exceed the blessings of the ancient mountains,

    Surpass the delights of the eternal hills.

    Genesis 49: 25-26 (MSG)

    With my love,
    Mary, also resting in His GOOD care 🙂

  3. Mia says

    Dear Laura
    And He covers us like a mother hen under His wings where we can rest in the soft warmth of His love! This prayer touched me deeply, dear friend, for it depicts our total dependence upon our God.
    Blessings XX

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