31-ish Days of Prayer: A Prayer for the Weekend

The dark comes early but in the cool of the evening, you woo me with your love. The way the stars glisten remind me—I am betrothed to you forever. You betroth me in righteousness and justice, in love and compassion. Faithfulness is your name. You respond to the skies and the skies respond to the earth  and the earth responds to the grain, the new wine and oil. And I am planted in the land of your love. You will never leave. You are my God. In love I name you. In the beautiful name of Jesus. Amen.
*inspired by my morning reading: Hosea 2:19-23


  1. Mia says

    Dear Laura
    When I read about the stars, I thought of diamonds in a wedding ring God gives us every night!
    Blessings XX

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