Steven said it best while we were in the canyon. After music, while we were all gathered, he said, “During our time together I have a feeling we are in for an embarrassment of riches …”
And that’s what it was. Each moment a shiny coin deposited in our hearts. Rich.
But during worship on Sunday before leaving—before driving back out of the canyon through the river and along that flat road to scatter to all different parts of the country—Marlon talked to us about the burning bush. The trees were on fire beneath the ridge behind him and he reminded us that we walk on holy ground. And our lives—my life—hold an embarrassment of riches.

I’m making the green bean casserole this morning and breaking bread with my beloveds this afternoon, friends. It will be a holy encounter. So this is what I’m praying for you: a happy, holy Thanksgiving. Because when we breathe in gratitude, God comes near. And each moment—each every day, ordinary moment—drips rich into the pool of our hearts. 


  1. SimplySurrender says

    A happy and holy Thanksgiving to you! Making room for gratitude at our table today – seeking to live it in the moments ahead. Blessings friend.

  2. Amy says

    Yes…I agree. I am being grateful in the unexpected today, the burning bush still in my view. Happy Thanksgiving, Laura.

  3. Elizabeth Anne May says

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Laura. I love this: “And each moment—each every day, ordinary moment—drips rich into the pool of our hearts.” What a delicious word morsel for our feast today.

  4. Alison says

    Here’s hoping it was a “pure beginning,” this Thanksgiving Day, and that with the intake of good food and even greater fellowship, gratitude was exhaled by every person around the table. Hugs, Laura!

  5. Len at says

    Every Wellspring post, Laura, is a thing of beauty. Tasty Manna. Holy moments expressed in blessed words.


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