Morning Snow

The morning is a soft tint of blue, the gray of the sky fallen down in the night. The rain followed me home from Texas but last night I saw the first Dark-eyed junco at the feeder. My mother-in-law calls these little sparrows snowbirds and when I saw her little pink bill, I knew the weatherman was right.
The meadow behind our home is a wonderland of down-covered grasses, branches muted by sleeping silver. My boys still dream upstairs, the house is quiet. So I pull on the long boots and go out to stand in the stuff. There is a magic in the first snow of the season—and I am spellbound.
All is still except the silent play of light across the gossamer lid. My cheeks grow rosy with the touch of the cool air and shivers came not from the temperature but from that deep place inside that tells me I’m alive.
This winter quiescent stirs my soul.  The roots deep within me hear the call of the winter sleep. Dream, the wind seems to say. Rest, is the whisper of the blackbird. Wait, say the hushing branches that give sway to the breeze.
All of nature reveals His glory and we are waiting to be revealed. But in the meantime, there is beauty. Beauty under my feet, beauty fills the space between me and heaven and I breath deep this new season.
bended tree—
with twiggy fingers
trailing along this crust
of snow…can you
bear the weight? lacy
tendrils of frost nip
at your ankles and
this heavy wreath of
crystalline drips
from your crown. How
do you stand winter’s
icy blast–folded under
so? your aged limbs,
a scroll, creased in upon
bowed body and tied
down. do you pray?
do you stare directly
into the sun–this
divagating philter in
which you beek? Await
the liberating thaw…
then you will arch your
back in piquant awakening
and reach once more
for brumal skies.


  1. says

    You’ve set the stage for a gentle weekend of gratitude, Laura. Bumping into you along the way this year has been a treat … your creativity has blessed and calmed me along the way. For you, my friend, I am thankful …

  2. Pam says

    Oh what glory you put to words, Laura. So lovely… Blessings to you and yours at tomorrow’s Thanksgiving! ~ Pam, apples of gold

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