Artist Date: Apiary

When the goldenrod bend their heads low in the meadow behind my house, I visit the apiary.
“That’s how you know the goldenrod is nectaring,” the beekeeper tells me on the telephone. “The tops fall over.” I’ve been trying to visit the honeybees for weeks now, but each morning when I call, the bee man tells me he’s too busy or the conditions aren’t right. “This isn’t a good day for working bees,” he says. “Let’s keep our eyes to the sky and see what Mother Nature throws us.”
Every day I check the weather. I stand out on the porch in the early morning and feel storms brewing in the air. In the night, I dream of honey. When I awaken, I carry a memory of amber—a dewy sweetness on my tongue.
I’m talking about the honeybees over at Tweetspeak poetry today. Will you join me?


  1. Mia says

    Hi Laura
    Have you ever watched the movie,”The Secret Life of Bees”? It is one of the best movies I have ever watched. If you haven’t, I can really recommend this movie. Great photos, dear one. Is it your photography?
    Blessings XX

  2. says

    I have read the book, Mia, and seen parts of the movie. I love how Sue Monk Kidd captured the mystery of the bees–the holy in their work. Yes–my photography :). Such as it is. I was so blessed to get up and close with these little honeys.

  3. says

    This part of the story is a little different than the one I shared at Laity, Michelle. But I did take your advice and included that story in my book :). You are so smart. Thank you.

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