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Yesterday morning we awakened to Christmas come down—two inches in less than an hour and fat flakes still cascading. Jeff ran to the church to find our pastor being buried as he tried to shovel. The parking lot was snow-covered and the blanket deepened as they watched so the decision was made to call off morning services. Church was cancelled but the sky tumbled down in worship and back home I peered through the blinds with a sleepy sixteen year-old and watched his face light up with joy.  

 When Jeff returned home, he and I ran to the grocery to try to beat the crowds. I didn’t care much about the shopping—just wanted to get out in the stuff and feel the wonder. And maybe get something special to throw in the crock for dinner—something warm and rich and yummy.
We sloshed through the unplowed streets of our neighborhood and down the pristine white of our little valley road. Few people were braving the weather and the snow muffled all sound except the steady drip-dripping of the earth quenching a long thirst. We held hands as we skitted through the parking lot, dodging those big wet flakes. Short work was made of the list (we bought some spareribs to cook for dinner) but while we were shopping, the temperature rose and all that snow turned into an icy rain.
We made our way home through icy sheets, joy drowned in that bone-chilling wet. After the goods were put away and the ribs were rubbed and browned and put in the crock to slow simmer, I stood at the window and watched the white give way to crystalline—the trees and the meadow alight with millions of twinkling droplets.
The song says He came like the winter snow—quiet, soft, and slow. But the way the storm came and covered us all in white, bringing joy and wonder and shaking us from our sleep … the way the sky drips diamonds and clings to each up-reaching branch … this changes the way I sing.

Church was cancelled but the sky rained down the hymns of heaven. Christ swept in and quenched the deep longing, clinging to eternity within us and dripping slow into the soil of our hearts. And worship never was o sweet.

Today, at The High Calling, Shelly Miller is sharing a story about a time when eating became worship for her and some friends. Join us over there?

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  1. says

    Oh, that sounds like such sweet worship, Laura. Sometimes the unrehearsed, unplanned forms can be so deep.

    “Church was cancelled but the sky rained down the hymns of
    heaven.” Yes.

  2. Diane | AnExtraordinaryDay says

    Thank you so much for your beautiful word picture and accompanying photos. I love how you found true worship in the snow and ice.

  3. says

    I love Audrey Assad and Chris Tomlin, but didn’t know about this song, Laura. It’s beautiful and a definite Christmas favorite from now on! And I always love seeing your amazing photography. You have such a great eye for detail (in photos and writing) and capturing the mystery and beauty of God’s blessings “falling from the sky.”

  4. Mia says

    Dear Laura
    Oh, these pictures of the beauty of your winter, makes me think that it was a good thing your church service was cancelled. It allowed you to go out to praise and worship our Pappa along with the wonders of creation. At times I stand speechless at such beauty and wonder what the world looked like and will again one day before sin entered the scene.
    Blessings XX

  5. DeanneMoore says

    We got the ice without the snow. Sleet falling makes me shiver. But like you I love how snow hushes the world. Hoping we will get that gift this far South this year.

  6. says

    Beautiful, warm words and lovely photos, as usual. Thank you, Laura, for the gift of The Wellspring. Frosty, icy cold morning here in the Hudson Valley today and since hubby took my Volvo which handles better on ice than his car, I am tucked safe and dry and warm at home. A hushed and humble blessing in the midst of the season…Merry Christmas.

  7. says

    This post makes me hungry for ribs. 🙂

    We don’t have snow here in Florida, but I have the same worshipful experience when I head to the ocean. Its mysterious depths remind me of how majestic He is.

  8. bluecottonmemory says

    You describe how my heart feels about snow. I love going to the grocery store – to get out in it, to cook something hearty and warm. Totally snowrific!

  9. JViola79 says

    Oh my gosh, we included the same song in our posts! I get so blown away when I see this happen. I love it! Amazing how this winter weather has spoken to the hearts of many. Today as I am looking out, all I could think was how amazing it is to KNOW that He has made me whiter than snow. Beautiful photos! Grateful to read your post today. Blessings!

  10. pastordt says

    This just may be the first description of a ‘snow day’ that makes me wish I could see one now and again. Not wish a whole lot, but still. That takes some skill with them words, my friend. And you got that by the bushel basket. Thanks for this glimpse of the wonder you and yours experienced yesterday morning.

  11. says

    I am with Diana…this is a beautiful description. I absolutely LOVE this line “Church was cancelled but the sky rained down the hymns of heaven.” Hymns of heaven in white flakes…just beautiful.
    And I want you to know I was so touched that you visited my blog and commented last week. Thank you!

  12. Nancy Sturm says

    I love watching the snow fall from the sky. You’ve captured that amazing phenomena with so many beautiful phrases: “the sky tumbled down in worship,” “the steady drip-dripping of the earth quenching a long thirst,” “the way the sky drips diamonds,” “Christ swept in and quenched the deep longing, clinging to eternity within us and dripping slow into the eternity of our hearts.” Thanks for this worship today.


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