The View from Here

Yesterday, on the drive to work, the sky bloomed pink before me. I watched in wonder as that blush spread across the cheeks of the Kanawha Valley, coloring it all rose. Recently, when a new friend asked me about my book, I told him, “My life is quite ordinary, really. But when I learn to see the ordinary with new eyes—with God eyes … Love is new every day.”
This morning, I read about Jesus’ return to Nazareth as a boy. How, after Herod’s death, the Lord tells Joseph to return to Israel with his little family; and after a warning from God in a dream, they settle in Nazareth.
William Barclay has this to say about Nazareth:

“Nazareth lay in a hollow in the hills in the south of Galilee. But a young boy had only to climb the hills for half the world to be at his door. He could look west and the waters of the Mediterranean, blue in the distance, would meet his eyes; and he would see the ships going out to the ends of the earth. He had only to look at the plain which skirted the coast, and he would see, slipping round the foot of the very hill on which he stood, the road from Damascus to Egypt, the land bridge to Africa. It was one of the greatest caravan routes in the world … Jesus was brought up in a town where the ends of the earth passed the foot of the hilltop. From his boyhood days, he was confronted with scenes which must have spoken to him of a world for God.”

In my mind’s eye I see the boy Jesus standing on the hillside looking down at his world, curious—and I wonder what storms must have raged inside his young heart. This image calls to me, because—how many times have I stood on the precipice, dreaming good things for my small world?
Sometimes I have to climb up higher to see the beauty—I have to look from the outside in. God has tucked me into this life for a reason. He has chosen this view especially for me. I must see beyond the hills to see the beauty there is nestled between them.
What is within your view today? Do you dare name it beautiful?

With Emily today:


  1. says

    This is right where I am today Laura, finding the beauty in the view God’s given me. I’m off to take a walk, expectant for what I might find. I love the way you “see.”

  2. says

    The sky last night looked similar to what’s in the photo above as I left the office, Laura. It did give me pause. The day had been cloudy but warm, 70 degrees on December 5! 🙂 I took the chance to walk outside in the “good weather” and took some photos. I really did see God in that 20-minute walk. Rather, I chose to let God reveal Himself as I walked and snapped photos of statues, and fallen leaves, and bright red bushes. And as simple and perhaps routine as the walk was (past the State Department and other federal buildings), He was there, reassuring me that it’s all beautiful.

  3. DeanneMoore says

    Thank you for writing this Laura because it stirred something in me. Just to think of Jesus with his point of view from different times in his life–when He came up out of the Jordan—when he set his face toward Jerusalem for Passover. To be honest, I am grasping to “see” right now…to understand the reason in my season. Why me? Why this way? I think it’s okay to ask..

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