Faith Like a Child

When I was small, I would run as fast as I could with arms outstretched, letting the wind collect under makeshift wings. I was an airplane, a bird, or a dragon, flying over vast kingdoms. When the moon peeked through the dark at night, these wings would take me from my bed up into the sky, through stardust and past fiery comets—the curtains of the heavens opening wide to receive me. And I would meet with God—fly straight into his arms and let him rock me to sleep in his great lap.

I’m featured over at The High Calling today for our theme of The Work of Play. Won’t you join me for the rest of this article? As I prepare my heart to enter into Lent, I always find this prayer a useful one: Oh, Lord, let my eyes be new. Give me faith like a child …

More on the emptying of self here. Jennifer Lee has created a Love Idol Movement to give us company in this journey through the Bright Sadness

Image by Steve Gripp. Used with permission. Sourced via Flickr.

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