I Ask Too Much: A Poem

I cannot step
into your fire;
my feet will
not close the
gap outside
this circle of
stone. you
burn bold,
flames licking
me as I stand,
ash and dust
and yellow
feverish in
the flush. Is
it wrong to
pray your heat
will consume me?
your tongue of
flame to cover
all of me until
we glow, a bed
of red-hot coals?
I hold my hands
up to your fire,
smolder from
the inside out.
I cannot step
into your fire.
but I will stand
still and let
its wild rage
take me.  


  1. Jody Ohlsen Collins says

    there’s a line in Romans Chapter 12 that I’ve been resting in all week–(from the Amplified) “be aglow and burning with the Spirit,”. This poem reminded me of that…

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