It’s a Love Idol Giveaway!

“You’ve felt it—that deep longing for people to value you, respect you… And love you. You’ve worked hard for their approval. You have wanted to make people think you’ve got it all together, but on the inside, you’re falling apart. And you’ve heard this one question ringing in your years: What will people think of me?”

That’s the first paragraph of the back cover copy of Jennifer Lee’snew-hot-off-the-press book Love Idol: Letting go of Your Need forApproval and Seeing Yourself through God’s Eyes. I’ve been slowly making my way through this one—trying to internalize this valuable lesson. And because life is never static; there is always a new challenge, new people with new gifts, a dynamic border to the comfort zone—this is a reminder I will need on a regular basis—an immunization against all those voices in my head that tell me I’m not good enough, not talented enough, not … enough.
You may know Jennifer as a storyteller and in Love Idol she does not disappoint. This former journalist packages a grace-soaked message in her own stories; stories of striving and letting go, of mother worry and joy—stories of a woman who is still figuring it out.
Just like the rest of us.
Jennifer writes from a place of vulnerability but there is strength in her voice. I have known Jennifer to be an encourager—one who celebrates the unique differences of each individual she meets. She has generous eyes, seeing others in the light of the image-bearers they are. And yet she has struggled to love herself at times.
Don’t we all?
Love Idol shares the important message that we are loved, not despite who we are but because of who we are. We are pre-approved.

One lucky commenter on this post will win a free copy of Jennifer’s new book Love Idol: Letting go of Your Need for Approval and Seeing Yourselfthrough God’s Eyes. Leave a comment by Sunday evening 3/30/14 to be entered in the drawing. I’ll announce the winner Monday morning. Good luck!


  1. Stephie says

    <3 I am in the affirmative. Jennifer has always been encouraging to me too. You too Laura. Would love to get a copy. Thanks, Steph

  2. Monica Sharman says

    I already bought one, so leave my name out of the hat. Just wanted to say that you are an incredible blessing to so many. xoxo

  3. Jennifer says

    I came across the Love Idol Movement on a day that I was struggling even more than other days….In my current circumstance, I long for the love and approval that really should be within my grasp, but isn’t right now, and it is very, very hard. I know that God’s love should be enough, but if I am totally honest, it doesn’t always feel like it is.

    That day that I found out this book existed, I wanted to read it RIGHT then, because in my struggle, I never saw it that way…that I could be idolizing LOVE…I want to not only trust God with my circumstances, but with my whole heart…and I truly think that this book would help me greatly.

    I want to get to a place where I truly accept HIS view of me…no matter what I see in myself, and no matter what I receive, or don’t receive from someone else.

  4. says

    Jennifer, I think your story echos what so many of us have felt. Thank you for sharing here. I want to get to that place too…and Jennifer’s words have helped. Oh, that we all could see with God-eyes. Much love to you, friend.

  5. Sheri says

    I saw this book last week and knew that it was going to be one that I wanted to read. I can’t wait to read it! Thanks for the chance!!

    hspruitt at frontiernet DoT net

  6. Friend of the discouraged says

    I am THAT encourager . . . the one that has a hard time seeing herself from His perspective 🙁

  7. Marie Bride says

    I am truly touched with your post on Love Idol by Jennifer
    I totally relate to how amazing a gift to never feel enough & than to be in awe of Pre-Approval having only read the first chapter.
    It is an absolute gift to realize her genuine sweetness & vulnerability combined with the strength of offering us the ability to claim Christ’s Victory through the fact that We Are Pre-Approved!!!

  8. Natalija says

    I am at a point where I am realizing this. All my life I have tried to prove myself to people around me – trying to be the perfect daughter, wife, mother, homemaker, etc. But I keep falling short of my own (and other’s) expectation. I would love to read this book so much.

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