Light on Light

This morning: the first iris blooms.
I glance out the window at dawn and see the showy petals yawning open to the sky. It makes me catch my breath, lean into the window; it makes me blind to the dirty dishes on the table, the loose grass tracked all over the kitchen floor, all the laundry piled up. For a brief moment it makes me forget that devastating message in the inbox this morning.
The irises bloom by species but we know them only by color. In my garden, the white ones come first—these originated from my sister-in-law, who collected them from an old cemetery behind her house and gave some to my mother-in-law, who then gave some to me. At least I think that’s the story. But never mind, when these flowers first appear in the spring I feel my roots tunnel deeper into the soil of my life.
But sometimes I forget to look. Jesus said that Solomon in all his glory was never so arrayed as one of these. I stand at the kitchen window and I am ravished by beauty—the morning light spills from the sky all over the yard and I hold my breath for the moment it flows over that one blooming iris—light on light.
Light on light. 
This slow-spreading lightfall is God breaking into my morning, bidding me see my plain old ordinary with new eyes. 
Wake up to the beauty that is your life, the wind whispers. And I do. I see. And I vow to keep my eyes open to beauty if only for today.
This message my friend Jenny Sulpizio shared from her friend Erin Bishop’s Facebook page wears heavy on the heart today:

Unimaginable pain and suffering has happened in Arkansas this past Sunday. Our friends at the Family Life Ministry Family have suffered a great loss. Employee, Rob Tittle (the father) and his daughters Tori and Bekah lost their lives. Their home was completely destroyed down to the foundation. Rob leaves behind his wife Kerry and seven more children. Another family, also employees, the Gaffney’s lost everything, but thankfully they were not injured

The Whatever Girls are asking Whatever Girls world wide to step up and be the hands, feet and heart of Jesus to these families.

You can help us by sending gift cards from major stores like Wal-Mart and Target via Tracey Eyster of Family Life. Please designate your gift to either the Tittle or Gaffney family. You can also send cards and letters of encouragement. If you would like to send cash, please click on the below letter and scroll to the bottom where you can choose to support either (or both) family. Funds have been set up by both family’s churches.

Family Life
C/O Tracey Eyster
P.O. Box 7111Little Rock, AR 72223

Will you join me in praying for all those affected by the storms over the past couple of days? And prayerfully consider how you might also help. We are called to be light in the darkness. Thank you. 

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