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It’s the day after the stone was rolled away, a day after the earthquake and I still hear that question ringing in my ears: Why do you look for the living among the dead?And I keep asking myself the same –why do I keep looking for Jesus in all the wrong places? When I know he lives in me,that in these hands –in this tired body—is the power of the resurrection? Still, I look everywhere else for new life instead of slowing to hear that still, small voice inside of me.

Holy week did not feel so holy what with a new puppy running around, Easter dinner to plan, and a couple extra projects I took on over spring break. What was I thinking?I questioned myself as I rolled a third coat of crisp white paint on the walls of the downstairs bathroom. Everything takes longer than I think it should and I swallow guilt with each stroke—regret for spending my boys’ spring break inhaling paint fumes instead of doing something fun with them.
There are too many things that need doing and too little time for the doing. I’m always behind and left feeling overwhelmed and lonely because of these things I take on. They are all good things but they are not necessarily the life-giving things—the things that awaken my soul and open my eyes to Jesus.
This morning in my study time I read about the calling of the twelve disciples (Matt. 10:1-4). The author of the commentary that companions me points out that the twelve were chosen to be with Jesus. “If they were to do his work in the world, they must live in his presence before they went out to the world; they must go from the presence of Jesus into the presence of men and women …” We get so caught up in the busy-ness of life, he says, that, “… we are in danger of forgetting that none of these things matters, if it carried on by people who have not been with Christ before they have been with others.”
This must be the first thing. Be with Jesus.
Holy week felt rushed and littered with too many responsibilities.But isn’t every week holy? And this is the grace of our Lord: every day a new beginning.
In this moment, I will choose to be withJesus.

How do you slow to hear the still, small voice?

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  1. Sharita Knobloch says

    Oh Sweet Laura– I struggle with the same thing, sister. Solidarity.

    I love how you said that every week is holy– what a great perspective (and REALLY makes me think about how I spend my time!)

    Blessings to you… And thanks for hosting this link up every week.

  2. says

    Oh yes! Every week is holy, Laura, but I so relate to this! I am feeling extremely overwhelmed. I know some of this is my fault for wanting to do too many good, but not best things. And it seems that anything that can unravel, have a “bug” or come undone, is doing so in my life! I find myself doing things that I would never do when I was on top of it all–wasting time on the internet, messing with meaningless things–because I want to escape in some way. But you’ve reminded me that the greatest escape is to “be with our Lord!” What a welcome reminder, my friend!

  3. Sharon says

    How do I slow myself? Oh, I wish I did it more often! Sometimes the lack of activity in my *empty nest* life makes it hard to be still inside myself. Does that make sense? Sometimes slowing involves removing frantic activity, sometimes it means quieting the distracting noise in my head!

    Lord, still my heart and speak to me.


  4. says

    I hear you, Sharon. These busy seasons wax and wane, I know, but it seems like quiet time is fleeting lately. Our new little puppy has been good medicine—forcing me to drop the taskmaster and take walks outside a few times a day. It has helped my spirits a good bit too. Isn’t it wonderful how God knows just what we need?

  5. says

    Yes, Linda. Too often I turn aside to that sweet whisper. But today has been a gift of recognizing that and deliberately slowing. Why do we forget how wonderful this is?

  6. says

    I’ve needed this reminder lately too, Beth. And I’ve pulled those same tricks! Time is so precious, but I seem to fritter it away. So precious how simply being with Him sets my priorities aright.

  7. soulstops says

    Oh, a new puppy is like having a toddler around…and I’m grateful for His mercies that are new every morning…funny, but my linked post was about being silent before God…praying God lifts your spirits…((hugs))

  8. Kelly Hausknecht Chripczuk says

    I was painting this weekend too, trim work, and oh, it felt so good to have a long stretch of time to get. something. done. I kept thinking of Mary and Martha last week too, and John the beloved disciple who reclined on Jesus’ breast. So Martha and John, the two halves of me, were talking, listening and waiting for that grace that glimmers in each and every moment.

  9. says

    Be-ing with Jesus is the ONLY way we can be anything to any others. Holy Week was hard at Longings End and I am so grateful that He lives and like you say any week is holy week. Thanks for sharing, Laura. PS Looking forward to puppy pictures! 🙂

  10. SimplyDarlene says

    in the dark of the morning, halfway between the wood cookstove and the big living room window…

    [and about that puppy, mine is now 4 months old and she’s brought lots of joy, but also the black circle beneath my eyes. still worth it though 😉 ]

  11. says

    Praying that your being is sweet, J! I’ve been working on slowing down this week. The high Holy days always seem to come with so much work! Breathing deep tonight…much love to you.

  12. says

    Praying for you, Kelly, as you ready your nest! Those long expanses of time are a gift, aren’t they? I thought they would stretch out as my boys got older but it seems they are still a scarcity :). But I don’t want to wish away this season—just want it to slow down! Hugs to you, my friend. Let Mary and Martha meet in the middle. Or maybe take it in turns 🙂

  13. says

    Must be something about this season that speaks this need to our hearts, huh, Dolly? And you know all about the puppy business, don’t you? We are in the throes of training. It takes such vigilance! So many things suffering neglect right now. But we are happy. She brings sweetness and joy 🙂

  14. Lisha Epperson says

    At my terrace door…open, just a crack in winter or flung wide in summer. Best of all is when He finds me and stills me with His presence – even before I’ve gone searching for Him and always right on time. Receiving your words Laura…today, right now, I’ll just be.

  15. says

    “There are too many things that need doing and too little time for the doing. I’m always behind and left feeling overwhelmed and lonely because of these things I take on.” Yep. With you there. What you “heard” with soul ears matches what I heard from our memory verse for Bible study this week, Psalm 27:4: Is the Lord my “one thing”? How many ways is my heart divided? How many other “things” do I pursue in the quest for beauty and a dwelling place? Be with Jesus, you say. Yes. First, last, always.

    Please give Bonnie a tummy rub for me!

  16. says

    As simple as it sounds, it has become a very profound activity for me. I simply close my eyes and repeat God’s Word to me … “Be still and know that I am God.” I linger on each word – Each word in isolation (and the meanings I attribute to them) collect and gather to become a beautiful soul-pause. It’s a gift I give to myself – more and more as time goes by. Peace to your house; the kingdom is near!

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