Playdates with God: There are Places I Have Never Seen

Last week I was in Dallas for a meeting. It was a quick trip and the only time I left the hotel was to take a trolley there from the airport. During some downtime, when I was sticking my toes in the pool on the rooftop, I realized what a beautiful view was spread out right before me. If I looked one way over the horizon, I could see the cityscape of Dallas; in the other direction, and just as impressive, was the outline of Fort Worth.
I felt a little sad that I wouldn’t have time to explore either city. I’d never been to this area before. Suddenly, a great sadness came over me for all the places I will never see. I began to wonder about that—all the beauty in creation, all the wonders of the world. I wondered, in the next life—in eternity—will it be a place where those unseen places will finally be available? Will it be a place of eternal wonder and discovery? Or will we be content to be right where we are?
I wondered if this wanderlust inside of me will finally be satisfied. Why am I always wishing to be someplace other than where I am? It always takes the going away from home to make me miss it. I know this is that longing for home that C.S. Lewis wrote about—that longing for things in this world to be as they were intended to be. But knowing doesn’t make the yearning any less painful.
I carried this wondering with me while I was in Dallas—holding close the tender ache that was the missing of my family. When I flew back home to Charleston under the cover of night, sitting in the window seat never felt so sweet. I looked down over the land that I will never see and loved it.
from the sky
the lights below
look like campfires;
a million tiny hearths.
I can feel their
heat from here
and smile to think
how warm I’ll
be when I land back


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  1. JosephPote says

    Yes, that longing for something that we know will never be satisfied in this life…
    In my blog post this week, I wrote of that longing for a sense of belonging…a longing that Michelle DeRusha’s book “Spiritual Misfit” sort of brought back to the surface for me to ponder anew…
    And part of that is realizing that, in this life, that longing will only be completely found in my place in God’s heart. And, yes, I look forward to the next life and seeing what God has in store for us…how He has already purposed to meet those deep desires that never find complete fulfillment in this life…
    Good post. Thanks for sharing.
    Oh…and next time your stuck at DFW airport area overnight, if you don’t have time to visit Dallas or Fort Worth, you might try just exploring Grapevine a little. They have a nice historic area and a few wineries. Most of the hotels will provide a shuttle service…

  2. Sharon says

    Laura, I have had those very same thoughts! And, I happen to believe that one of the things that we will have the privilege of enjoying in eternity is the ability to explore the new earth and new heavens. Wouldn’t it be just like God to let us increase our wonder at His glory, and our humble worship of His holiness, by letting us travel throughout His creation?

    I think so.

    When we get there, pack a backpack and we’ll do it together!!


  3. says

    There is so much out there to be seen; there’s no way any one person can see it all. Alas. But just to see the beauty around us is a great gift in itself. I want to do more of that too, Laura. Thanks for always sharing from the heart. It cracks ours open a little more too.

  4. says

    Oh, I can name times when I’ve been overcome by the same ache. And then, the gifts right in front of us- all the sameness and comfort of home and family-those are things we ache for, too. Since we moved in January, I’ve felt that ache for home far more sharply than before but also have experienced the thrill of exploring a new place. Just over the weekend, my oldest and I stood atop a sand dune overlooking Lake Michigan and Luke said, “I never knew there were so many beautiful places in this world…” It’s such a treat to finally be splashing here at the Wellspring with you again. I’m slowly stepping back into this blogging world after a quiet season. I’ve missed your words and your heart here. Blessings, friend!

  5. June says

    Lovely, tender thoughts, Laura. Keep in mind, your longings may not be for the the things of THIS world. . . Makes me think of 1Corinthians 2:9 . . .

    But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor
    ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of
    man, the things which God hath prepared for them
    that love Him.

    God understands our longings. I think perhaps He might have given us some of them on purpose 🙂 Have a blessed week!

  6. pastordt says

    Oh, I hope we get to see all kinds of places when we get there, Laura. This is just lovely, my friend. Thank you.

  7. bluecottonmemory says

    A homesickness for a home that only the God parts of our soul recognizes – what a home-coming it will be!

  8. Jody Ohlsen Collins says

    “a million tiny hearths”. I love that word picture. Texas is a big state……bet you’ll get back to visit one of these days.

  9. Megan Willome says

    Wow. You got poetic about Dallas! That takes some imagination. (Disclosure: I am an Austinite, through and through.)

  10. says

    Oh, you were so close to me! Next time maybe. (I confess, Fort Worth is the prettier city. More hills and not as big, but Dallas does have its charms for those who call it home. And the level horizons make for great sunrises and sunsets.) Enjoy the beauties of home, friend.

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