Sheila Seiler Lagrand’s Remembering for Ruth series and the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

I’ve been working on the final edits for my book, double checking sources, winnowing down words, axing the cliché … My brain is tired. And when my brain is tired, nothing gives it rest like a good story. I’ve found just the thing in my friend Sheila Seiler Lagrand’s Remembering for Ruth series. The latest installment is entitled The Bark of Zorro and it was just released last week.
I’ve always been a fan of the series. It makes me a little sad when I finish a book and must say goodbye to characters who have become like friends. This is one reason I’ve enjoyed Lagrand’s story-telling—she portions it out in the most delectable little bites. I have been charmed by her characters: Pastor Paul and Margot Goodharte who live in Mitchell, California, and care for Paul’s mother Ruth, who has Alzheimer’s Disease. Then there’s Paul’s older brother Matthew, who seems to be the epitome of the Prodigal in many ways, and a slew of supporting characters that keep life interesting in a small town.
If you like good character development, you’ll love this series. Currently, the chapters are available in e-format only. The plan is to collect them all in paperback when the installments are complete. But if you’re like me, the looking forward to the next bit is part of the fun!
So far, Sheila has released:
And the prequel: Yankee Doodle Christmas
I’m pleased that Sheila has offered to give away one copy of all the currently available chapters to one of my readers! Just leave a comment below by Thursday evening, 5/8, to be entered for a chance to win. Maybe you can tell me what your favorite series of all time is. I’ll announce the winner on Friday morning. I don’t want to be bossy, but this would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift. What? Your mom doesn’t have an e-Reader? Even better. You can buy her one and fill it with wonderful stories like these. At ninety-nine cents each, they are a bargain!

Trust me—a good story that mom can carry with her wherever she goes? That’s a winner.


  1. Tami Tipton-Fletcher says

    Well Laura, the blessing would have to be grand … it would have to be the entire set for mom. The special blessing about it is … she can read them directly from her “Kindle” on her iPhone … then we could compare notes. Thank you for blessing Sheila with your offer … and pass my best regards and blessings on to Sheila also. Agape! xo

  2. Megan Willome says

    So far I’ve only read “Yankee Doodle Christmas,” but it was great! And I’m like you, Deidra, I need fiction to give myself a break.

    Fave series of all time? Harry Potter. I’ve been listening to the unabridged audiobooks, one chapter at a time, since September.

  3. pastordt says

    Don’t need the giveaway cuz I’ve been reading along, too. Thanks for this delightful summary, Laura! I love series, too. And you were doing one on your blog when I first met you in 2011. SUCH a good one, too. :>)

  4. Tami Tipton-Fletcher says

    I have never won anything … except for the love, grace and mercy … and ultimate salvation of our coming King and Saviour! Thank you so very much for this blessing. Praises to you and yours and blessed be to our precious Christ who makes all things be. Hugs.

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