The Sweetness of Trees: An Artist Date

I have never liked pancakes. 

Somewhere in my memory lurks a black cast iron skillet sizzling with melted Crisco and a batter so thick it almost required a deep-fry to cook through. Add to that greasy mess a thick sugary syrup and the end result is—what we call in my family—a sour belly. How many times did I get an upset stomach after eating pancakes as a child?

So when I sit next to a syrup-making man at a luncheon and he shares about his syrup-making business, his face shining as he talks, I surprise myself by accepting an invitation to visit his sugar house. 

“You should come out to the farm and see for yourself,” he says. “Come this weekend if you can. The sap should be running nice and fast.” 

So I do.

Join me over at TSPoetry today as I share more about my maple syrup artist date

Image by Jonathan Kos-Read. Used with permission


  1. Tami Tipton-Fletcher says

    Oh Laura … please enjoy your sugar house date. There is something to be said about this lost art of yesteryear. While we often are intolerant to the riches of man, He allows us to wield out the finer elements of His blessings from even the very richest, thickest, stickiest of sins. You will get to reap the benefits of seeing a gentleman urge the treasures from within God’s created fauna, and with the intricate process of a man still working with an age old process of hand wielding results from caring for the quality of a hand-made product … will drip out a quality, golden brown, thick, opaque and gooey, sweet smelling, maple flavored pure product. You can’t get that from mass production, or from a phony imitation. Our lives as Christians are much like that as we seek a genuine relationship with our Saviour. There are masses of cookie-cutter “religious people” out there, and phony imitation religions, but the real authentic sap that comes from inside those maples, is from the King … and it is truly a beautiful sight to see it being brought to light – whether it be by a genuine sugar house worker or a faithful servant of Christ growing their relationship with their Father. Blessings to you and yours sister.

  2. June says

    I’m so glad you had this experience, Laura! I grew up in Vermont and we had a short “stand” of maple trees that we collected from each year. Now, I’m thankful to get a pint of the real stuff from my aunt and uncle once a year. High fructose corn syrup (yuck) just doesn’t compare to what God makes! So glad you had a chance to taste it fresh from the source! Have a blessed weekend!

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