West Virginia Morning: How Passion Pierces

On the days I don’t work at the hospital, I still rise first. There are things to tend, thoughts to capture, prayers to see. This week, Jeffrey started band camp at the high school, so it’s packing the lunch; making sure he eats a good breakfast. Of course he could manage on his own, but when I was his age I would eat a pop tart alone while watching the morning news—leave the house without ever seeing my mother’s face.
The time will come when I will once again gather the moments for only myself. Until then, I treasure the early hour alone. Today I see my gladioli are blooming pink. These beauties are named for the shape of their sword like leaves—the Latin word gladius means sword. It has been said that they represent infatuation, because they pierce the lover’s heart with passion.
Yes, I think, as I study from every angle the way they drink the morning. She leaves her traces on their blushing cheeks and I am in love.

Good morning to you. May passion pierce your heart today.


  1. Jerry says

    Thanks. Funny, I was just listening to the soundtrack to Gladiator. I’ll look at these beauties differently from this day forward.

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