Linger (a poem)

here on the spine
of my dreams;
I have built
a temple of desire—
this season
of wanting still grows
smooth and silken
across the flat plain
of my belly
hunger is sweet
in silver light, but
breaks open with
sorrow under the
blistered sky.
luminous sun
cloaks me in
I do not want
to be found.


  1. says

    The whole poem makes me ponder…makes me want to return to it later to see what my day might have brought to give me more insight to the meaning. To me that is a good poem, one that draws one back for more.

  2. bmiller007 says

    ah, when lingering we def do not want to be found….smiles….building that temple of desire…feeling that wanting build in your belly…yeah, i know that…smiles. cool verse…

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