Ten Things I Learned on Our Trip to Connecticut; #TravelTips

  1. Teenagers in love make sketchy navigators. (“Just let me finish this text … oh, wait! Mom, you should have gone THAT way.” {pointing behind})
  2. The New York Throughway is just that: a throughway. If you get going the wrong direction on it because your teenager in love failed to alert you the right way, it will be forty miles before you can get off to turn around.
  3. If you decide to change routes instead of turning around in hopes of saving time … don’t. The traffic the other way will be UNBEARABLE and it will take you three hours longer than the original route.
  4. If a state is no bigger than a thumbprint on the map, one accident will shut down the entire interstate system for two hours (hello, New Jersey).
  5. The Universe is out to get me.
  6. The Mountain Goats have fourteen albums and various EPs.
  7. It is entirely possible to drive from West Virginia to Connecticut and back while listening to nothing but the Mountain Goats.
  8. I like the Mountain Goats—in small quantities.
  9. Some historians theorize that President James Buchanan may have been gay. Teddy told me this as we drove past the good lawyer’s birthplace.
  10. Even the most intolerable of circumstances can be a little bit fun when you are with someone you love.


  1. Douglas Jenkins says

    Thura, the Greek word borrowed in the English language for: through, throroughfare (as you’ve discovered) and door, which is its primary Greek meaning. The secondary Greek meaning is opportunity…which you have certainly taken with your eldest! Congrats on learning more about goats (sheep) and gates (doors) and following the Master’s Voice.
    Love you both…

  2. says

    I was texting with Nancy F. the whole time we were there, trying to find a way to meet up with her. She said, “Isn’t getting in and out of CT ridiculous?” I have to agree. Though it was beautiful country and we had a beautiful time. Treasuring all these little mishaps these days.

  3. Jerry says

    Mountain Goats…I’ll test ’em out. Sounds like you might have limited yourself to a mere ten things. 🙂

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