Garden Notes: A Peck of Peppers

I must admit my garden has been a bit neglected lately. I’ve been somewhat distracted. There was the painting of the dining room.  Then I looked around at the furniture and decided it needed lightening up too. This has resulted in one messy project after another. I’m in the process of stripping and sanding my office hutch.  It has very much been a case of giving the mouse a cookie. Because, when you are getting ready to launch a book release, the best thing to do is begin a tedious, time-intensive project. If I ever finish the room, I’ll share some photos.
So, this morning I head out to the garden to find a pepper explosion. My poblanos have matured to robust beauty, as well as a peck of serranos. There are always jalapeños for picking, and yellow onions too.  Nothing makes me happier than a colander full of fresh-picked, home-grown produce; and although the woodpecker decimated my tomato crop this year, this lovely assortment has me thinking one thing: salsa.
A quick internet search yields promising results. I think I’m going to try this recipe for canning, and this one for a quick table salsa. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Of course, I have to continue with the stripping and sanding, so who knows when the kitchen will be humming with such goodness. But…I’ve been known to work into the night on such things.
It feels good to focus on home this week—to dream of making our space more beautiful and of putting goodness on the table. This makes me happy.

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. soulstops says

    Cut cucumbers from the yard for a salad…your peppers are beautiful…praying you are well, my friend as you release your book 🙂

  2. June says

    Gardens here in south Texas take a lot of time and patience. Two things which I have little left of after giving to Life, lol. But a friend of mine grows tomatoes and peppers (like your beauties) and blesses us with the most amazing salsa! Good luck with yours! Your book release will be great – because God will bless it – because you’ve glorified Him. In the meantime, enjoy your garden, and the ministry of making your house a home. Blessings.

  3. Sharon O says

    We have had over two hundred tomatoes I have given them away, cooked three batches of sauce and we made salsa. It is amazing. Our weather has been very hot, 80’s-90’s, we usually have more rain. cucumbers were doing pretty good. acorn squash plant gave us about six and the zuchini plant gave us about 10. The tomatoes win the prize this year.

  4. says

    I thought I could stay home this past weekend and do some cleaning, but no!!! Not to be, So many birthday parties and meetings, that the weekend flew by with not a thing cleaned up!!! Yes it does make us happy when we are able to spend some time at home! God bless you! patsy

  5. Monica Sharman says

    Made me smile: “Because, when you are getting ready to launch a book release, the best thing to do is begin a tedious, time-intensive project.”

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