Playdates with God: Rest as Worship

Last night when I took Bonnie out for her final go-around, the swollen moon loomed low; casting a silver glow over this little place we call home. As I stepped out on the porch, I caught a glimpse of Kairos, but before I could grab him by his hair, he was gone. So I sat down on the steps and closed my eyes, hoping he would return.

And though my eyes seemed closed to the holy dripping of time in that moment, I received the next best thing: a slowing. I listened to the cicadas strum their song and let my senses saturate with dewy night air, and I felt peace settle into my spirit like the blanketed night coming on.
I may have mentioned that I’ve been having trouble resting. There are too many thoughts bumping around in my mind and they won’t let me be. I’ve been reading a book on Sabbath with my friend Shelly’s book club, and our Bible study group just started this book on spiritual transformation; so I’ve been thinking a lot about rest.

God doesn’t need to rest after creating the universe because he’s tired. He rests because he is holy, and everything that God does is holy. God rests. God is holy. Therefore, rest is holy. It’s simple math.

Rest is holy.
Those words resonated in my spirit this morning as if I’d never heard the like before. And I knew it was because I needed to hear them. I’m going to start thinking of rest as worship—a time to listen for God. I think I have always practiced it this way, but I haven’t necessarily thought of it this way beforehand. Maybe I’ve thought rest is only for me. And it is, of course. But it is also a way to God’s heart.

How about you? Is it difficult for you to rest?

This week at The High Calling we are talking about Storytelling. Will you join us?

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  1. says

    That’s such a great insight, Laura! “Rest is holy.” No wonder we feel so “ungodly” when our schedules are packed with too much! Lol! I’m happy to be back with my favorite link ups, and Playdates is one of them! Thanks for hosting and I’m praying for you in that “brain bumping!” I have that a lot lately too and it’s really draining. 🙂

  2. Nancy Sturm says

    I’d never thought of rest as holy before. Too often, I feel guilty when I rest, and feel I must be doing something more productive. Thank you for the insight.

  3. Jody Ohlsen Collins says

    I haven’t been able to join in the book discussion but appreciate the quote you shared here–‘simple math.’ I do struggle with rest with so much floating in my head (as you shared). I just need to remember ‘God’s got it’ and rest in Him. So thankful we get a new day to do that each morning the sun comes up….

  4. Sharita Knobloch says

    I suck at resting. Seriously. I know this and have been working on it all year (funny that I am “working” on resting. Seems a little counterproductive.)

    Thanks for sharing this thought about resting as Holy. Gives me more of a reason to stop striving and ask God to help me in this. Thanks so much, Laura.

  5. says

    “a slowing”
    God “rests because he is holy.”
    “Rest is holy.”
    I need to hear all these things, Laura. My mind has been a jumble the past few weeks and my stress level has skyrocketed. I’ve tried to continue in Centering Prayer to quiet my mind and allow the Lord to restore peace. It’s slow in coming, but it’s coming. Thank you for more inspiration, friend.

  6. OutnumberedMom says

    I know what you mean about “too many thoughts.” Happens here, all the time. I love that title — 24/6! He reaches out for us, though, in those times of too much thought, if we but still…

  7. Kelly Hausknecht Chripczuk says

    I love this, Laura. I have a writing/retreat house on my property now, but life has been insane, so I’ve had little time to write there or offer spiritual direction. But when I came home from the hospital, I spent a couple of afternoons in there laid out on cushions on the floor sleeping. I was and am exhausted. I want that space to be holy, to be saturated with prayer, but for now I’m thinking of it as a womb, a resting place and shelter as I wait for God to put me back together again and those things seem just about as holy as any prayer I can manage to put together.

  8. Laurie Collett says

    I love this Bible-based perspective — that rest is holy! Thanks for the beautiful post & photo & for hosting & God bless!

  9. bluecottonmemory says

    I love the tangible of that “brief moment in which things are possible” – and how when you quieted, you grabbed hold of it – after you thought it had gotten away. I can sleep, but I can’t find rest right now – and I so need to. I need a chance to sit quietly just like you describe! Beautiful words and ideas for this week, Laura! Thank you! ~ Maryleigh

  10. Mary Dolan Flaherty says

    God rested not because He is tired, but because He is holy. I like that. Rest is holy. Yes, I have a hard time resting, but one of my favorite scriptures is “In repentance and rest is your salvation; in quietness and trust is your strength.” Great message. And thank you for hosting Playdates With God. I love the title. Mary F.

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