West Virginia Morning: Slowing

The meadow behind our house is wild with beauty this morning. Fog settles low over Goldenrod bending low with nectar and the purple crowns of thistle cover her grassy head in jewels. Yesterday, as I was feeding Prince an apple, I saw a hummingbird hover over one of those gems. I watched the blur of tiny wings and felt time slow, slow, and whisper the secrets of Sabbath in my ear.
In his book 24/6, Matthew Sleeth says, “…Believers of old said that if everyone kept the Sabbath, time itself would cease. The river of time would freeze and we would see God.”
It seems a strange time to be reading a book on Sabbath-keeping, but my friend Shelly is always stretching me. Our home hums with stress right now. Jeff is adjusting to changes at work, one son has a broken heart, we are trying to make decisions for college applications, the other son’s extracurriculars are demanding, and then there is that book release.
To slow and watch a hummingbird … well, this is extravagance at its finest. And it is the life raft for a drowning woman, a saving breath to a world gasping from suffocation; it is … gift.
Life never slows unless we do. Time speeds by and moments are lost, never to be regained.
This morning, in 50 Women Every Christian Should Know, I read the story of Catherine Booth, mother of the Salvation Army. When describing her entry into the hectic life of preaching, the author quotes Mrs. Booth as saying, “It was not that I did this but the Holy Spirit. With four little children … it looked like an inopportune time, did it not, to begin preaching …”
Is there ever an opportune time? To chase a dream, to fall in love, to take that class, to … slow and watch a hummingbird hover?
Today I am thinking about the slippery nature of time. And what this life looks like through the looking glass of eternity.
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  1. Jody Ohlsen Collins says

    Oh, indeed, Laura… ‘is there ever an opportune time’? Glimpses of time stopping, showing us God in the middle of our go, go, go. How we need it.
    This is beautiful. Thank you.

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