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While I was at work on Tuesday, the postman quietly slipped my author copy of Playdates with God into my mailbox. I’d been seeing pictures of it posted on Facebook—the publisher had sent out complimentary copies to all of my endorsers. The first one surprised me. In a good way. So I was expectant. I checked the mailbox each day. I checked around the mailbox. I checked in the usual spaces packages are sometimes left. Finally, I sent off a little message to my publisher, feeling green around the ears.

It feels strange to see pictures of my book online when I haven’t held it in my hands yet!

The dear man was so apologetic. He overnighted my copy. But I knew I’d be working the next day and the scene I’d imagined so many times—you know, the one where the doorbell rings and the mail carrier lovingly hands you the manila envelope and you waltz around the kitchen with the thing before opening it to thundering applause from your family? Well, I knew that scene was beyond my grasp. Instead, I came home exhausted from a long day at work to find the manila envelope on the table where my husband left it when he got the mail.

There was no applause when I slit the crisp crease of the envelope (though I may have waltzed a little). But it made me so happy.

Many people compare birthing a book to birthing a baby, and there were times when it seemed this process did have a life of its own. There were times it seemed the thing was testing out its lungs, crying out until I cradled it a little while. And there was painful labor and a growing through it all. But the end product did not appear all at once, all wiggly and beautiful and whole. No, the birthing of this book has felt more like creating a painting—it evolved bit by bit, pieced together by shadow and light, born of an image in my mind.

I’ll tell you more about that story on the release date, which is October 7. But if you like? You can read more about the book here. Or here. You can pre-order it here. And my friend Christy (thank you, Christy!) has made some beautiful graphics to share (below). I’d love if you would.  It’s Saturday, the first slow day to celebrate and I’m glad to invite you to this little party.

Because this art was made with you in mind.


  1. June says

    This is all so exciting, Laura!!! What beautiful art your friend made for you, I am happy to share it! Looking forward to hearing more of the back story! October 7th is our wedding anniversary, so I’ll remember 🙂

  2. says

    So excited for you, Laura. I LOVE the quotes and I can’t wait to read your book slowly, sipping it, savoring it, and listening for His words to echo through yours. YAY!!! Wish I could meet you at the playground and swing and celebrate:)

  3. Lynn Morrissey says

    Wow, drum roll, dearest Laura!!!!!! I know that feeling of birth pangs, waiting on postmen, of happy dances. Just know I am dancing with you, barefoot even! So thrilled for you, and I wish you God’s richest blessings on getting this book out into the world where it can birth childlike delight of God in hearts who need Him desperately!!!

  4. says

    I remember the feeling. Sometimes you just have to waltz even if you are alone. I got notice yesterday that my delivery for Playdates has been moved to September 25th! I’m so excited to get it. I’m oh, so happy for you!

  5. Sharita Knobloch says

    Marking my calendar, sweet Laura! (And pre-ordering with the next paycheck.) You go girl- -and Go, Jesus, Go! 🙂

  6. says

    Hey Laura — so happy and excited for you with the release of your new book — one day before my birthday. Celebrating all you do here in sharing your heart and stories with all of us. Love your blog. PS I used your honey bee photo in my post today! Thanks. 🙂

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