31 Days of Playdates with God: 3

He has my eyes, my mouth, my heart. But he has always been his own person, wonderfully different. It’s made things a little harder, because sometimes we can’t wrap our minds around him. But from the day we brought him home and he turned those milky eyes on me, I knew I would never be free of love again.
So when he says, “She turned out to not be a very nice person in the end.” I just nod because I know his heart is breaking but he’ll be ok. He has a strong foundation.
This has been a house of healing, in more ways than one. Even before the surgery that’s kept him home with me, he was being knit back together. I tell him I would keep him home forever; that I love having his company. Shouldn’t we spend more time together, he and I? And he just gives me a shadow of a smile—the one that makes me want to open the shaft of his heart and mine those deep places.
But instead I remind him, “Senior pictures.” So we decide to practice. I know I must get my hands on that glorious hair of his. He dips his head in the sink and I run water over those locks. It takes a step stool to reach out over him now and as I cup water to the nape of his neck, I remember when I held him in one arm, scrubbed his downy head with baby shampoo.

I move slower for the memory. And as I run my fingers through those thick curls, I feel the holy in the moments; I feel the way we all are being held by mother-love.
I’m taking the time every day, to invite God into my ordinary, to notice how life responds to his presence when my heart is open to him. It’s a practice that inspired a book. And I’m sharing in community with the 31 dayers.


  1. Monica Sharman says

    “I remember when I held him in one arm, scrubbed his downy head with baby shampoo.” Wow. You’ve brought that memory back to me as well. I can feel it.

  2. Caryn Jenkins Christensen says

    I love the way the light plays off his beautiful red hair in this picture. He is one handsome boy Laura. Isn’t it amazing how our children can have the same features, yet they are completely their own person? <3

  3. pastordt says

    LOVELY. And that hair? To.die.for. Face is pretty terrific, too. Sorry for the heartbreak, but glad he found out what he needed to find out.

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