31 Days of Playdates with God: A Chat with Diane


Today for my playdate, I’m over at my friend Diane Bailey’s blog. Diane wanted to ask me more about my book Playdates with God and what having a childlike faith means to me. Will you join us for coffee this morning? Diane has been my friend for a while, first online and then in RL. I know you’ll love her hospitality. Meet me on Diane’s front porch and we’ll have a good chat. Feel free to ask me any other questions you might be curious about in the comments over there.


Don’t forget, my friend Diana is hosting a giveaway of my book at her blog. Head on over there for a chance to win a copy!
I’m taking the time every day, to invite God into my ordinary, to notice how life responds to his presence when my heart is open to him. It’s a practice that inspired a book. And I’m sharing in community with the 31 dayers.


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