A Week in Review, about Fast-talking, and A Visit with Jolene


It’s been a fun week with much excitement around Playdates with God: Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown-up World.

My friend Diane did a little interview with me at her place.

And then Jacque invited me to be a guest on her podcast.

Guest-posting for Ann Voskamp was a gift.

And today my friend Jolene is sharing a Google+ hangout we did together earlier this week.

Isn’t this fun?

Last night, after watching the chat I had with Jolene, I told Teddy that I’ve decided I speak too slowly. “I could put you to sleep just talking to you,” I said.

He said he’s the same way. “It’s because I never know what to say,” he said. “And I’m always figuring it out as I go along.” I wondered with him what this might mean about us both. That we are slow-talkers. We practiced talking fast together.

But it didn’t feel right.

Finally, we decided that maybe this is just part of who we are. One of the loveliest things about publishing a book is that I am challenged to live out the message I have penned: God loves me. Just the way I am. He delights to spend time with me.

Slow-talking and all.

Join me over at Jolene’s place today? We had a lot of fun in this interview and she has a sweet way of posing questions. We talk about the book and about the uniqueness of the spiritual journey.

And I don’t think she’s a slow-talker.

Have I said thank you? I’m feeling so loved and held throughout this book launch journey. That’s mostly due to you, the ways you have walked with me and lifted me as we draw closer to our beautiful Lord together. Thank you.

My 31 days have been a little wrecked, but I don’t give up easily. You can find links to all the posts in this series so far right here. 

31 Playdates with God


  1. Lynn D. Morrissey says

    I have slow-talking friends from the South, and they ahhh—-rrrr— a deeeee—–l–ah—i—t! (That’s delight, in case you read faster than you talk)! Can’t wait to read Playdates!

    • says

      I didn’t think I had an accent until I went to Texas and Marcus Goodyear commented on my “southern lilt”. I think I was in denial, Lynn. 🙂

      I’m looking forward to your book as well, my friend!

  2. says

    It’s so interesting that you wrote this. Just as I reviewed the video this morning, I thought, “Wow! I talked too much!” Ah…live and learn, blog and blog better. So glad you allowed me the opportunity to practice interviewing and to grow with you through the process. Blessings to you new friend. May many be encouraged to see a greater image of our great God through your writing and your life Laura.

    • says

      It’s always hard to hear/see oneself on camera, isn’t it? When we made that video trailer, a friend told me to “get over myself” when I was complaining about how goofy I look in some of the shots. She reminded me of one of the messages of the book–to let go, not worry so much about what others think. It’s helped me be less self-conscious during this process. And I’m grateful for you, Jolene. So grateful.

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