Joy in Brokenness: A Guest Post for Michelle DeRusha

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As I was finishing up the last chapters of my book Playdates with God, Lucy Mae was dying.

It’s a book about joy, about moving closer to God and there I was, wracked with grief over the slow dying of the family pet. This dog had grown up with my boys—ten years she nuzzled their faces and chased after their feet. She was supposed to be around a few more years; she was supposed to keep me company when they left me to go off to college.

I’m over at Michelle DeRusha’s place today, sharing about some hard things. It’s always good to have a friend along to hold your hand when you share the hard things, you know? And Michelle has been a good friend. She’s also giving a way a copy of my book. So, will you join us? I promise I’ll stay home more often–I know I’ve been running around a lot lately.

And, don’t forget, my friends Shelly and  Diana are  hosting giveaways of my book at their blogs too. Give them a visit for a chance to win a copy of Playdates with God.

I’m taking the time every day, to invite God into my ordinary, to notice how life responds to his presence when my heart is open to him. It’s a practice that inspired a book. And I’m sharing in community with the 31 dayers.



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