Playdates with God: Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown-up World (It’s Launch Day!)

I have been meeting with God for a weekly playdate for almost three years now. Those times I set apart to focus on our love have become almost indistinguishable from the everyday in my mind. For it is impossible to cultivate such intimacy and then turn it off again. My life has become a playdate. He is my most constant companion. Oh yes, there are times my gaze still shifts to worldly things. This will probably be so until I pass into glory. I am finite. Fallible. But practicing falling in love with God has changed me. It is still changing me. –me, postscript to Playdates with God: Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown-up World


It’s here! Today is the day we officially launch Playdates with God into the world. Won’t you celebrate with me? Here’s to official trailer for the book. Will you share it with your friends? And join me in prayer that this book will be the deep breath that so many long for in their God-lives.



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    THIS is a beautiful day…right here! I remember the honeymoon of discovering Jesus…and the joy of the moments with Him…and then even still allowing the daily life of “must do”, “don’t do” and the conforming to Christianity NOT Christ that takes the breath out of our spiritual lungs. I also remember having the realization that this is NOT His intention, was NEVER …and your book, this precious message is that Life-giving CPR that breathes life back into the dead bones of religion and exalts the joy of Jesus in our everyday faith life. God bless your words, Laura. May they go forth and bring freedom today.

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    Praying with you that God will use your book to touch people all over the world with the message of His great love for them and that it gives them the freedom to be with God and have fun 🙂


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    Laura- Congratulations on your book! I mentioned it today over at Nourishment for the Soul…I have been playing with GOD with ART this month…and your book and passion inspire me! I even used a trampoline image in my collage today…thanks for encouraging woman to enjoy their relationship with GOD!

    Joy in the LORD- Kel


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