Saturday Morning

This morning, I watch the sun fall slow over the patchwork of leaves in the back yard. It has become my Saturday morning discipline—pressing my forehead up against the window to see what I can see; the house still sleeping but the world waking up and my heart beating wild at its invitation.




Yesterday, I was to have an interview about Playdates with God. So I re-read the book, took notes from parts I thought I would be asked about. I put post-its with quick descriptors on appropriate pages. I had my Bible handy with special scriptures marked. I walked the dog and closed the curtains and took my laptop and all my resources up into my bedroom and closed the door, lest someone come knocking. And an hour and a half after the scheduled appointment my publicist finally called to tell me there had been a miscommunication. We would have to reschedule.

I tried to be gracious, but I admit, there were tears.

I texted my husband, “So the interview is being rescheduled again (this was the second time). Feeling insignificant and looked over.”

I went for a run to try to shake that feeling of insignificance and, as often it does, things fell into place as my feet pounded the ground. God wants me to remember this feeling of small. Not because I am insignificant, but because we are all significant. And it is in the small that I can see the bigger things—the things that matter most.

 … the word ‘humble’ can literally mean ‘not rising far from the ground … ~Phil Steer, As a Child: God’s Call to Littleness

This morning, I take my camera out into the back yard and lay on my belly on a bed of dew-covered leaves to capture the morning light. My pajamas are soaked through to the skin and under the blue sky I feel so small. Like a child, held in her Daddy’s arms.

And I’ve never felt so treasured—so significant—in all my days.

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    Oh, Laura, the same thing happened to Jennifer F. last week…… What a rollercoaster, up and down and up again. And down.

    On your belly, taking photos………and finding Jesus there. Thank you for your vulnerable heart.

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      Isn’t it comforting to know that though we may be overlooked by men and women, we are never forgotten by the One who laid the foundations of this earth which we treasure too much sometimes? Thank you for always encouraging, Jody. You are a true friend.

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    We will always feel significant in His arms. A beautiful reminder, Laura. Somewhere along the line I think you gave this book to Him ? don’t take it back now. Just be there, receiving the blessing, and passing it on. You do this so well, my friend. Have a blessed week!

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    Great reminder! I remember when I felt great after I gave a talk about our business and I talked about being partners with God. I thought I did a good job, and then…oops. God reminded me by the parable of Luke 17, that I was just His servant, “I have done that which was my duty to do.” I know it’s opposite of what you were pointing out, but this is what I remember after I read your story. After that, I never felt as if I was doing God a favor when I proclaimed how He made our business successful!!! Happy week!!! patsy


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