The Hard Choreography of Communion


God is a community.

That’s what my pastor says.

And I remember the dance, that word perichoresis, which the church fathers used to describe this unique community. Perichoresis, from the Greek peri-, meaning around and –chorein, to dance. A beautiful picture of the way the Three Persons indwell each other and yet move through and around each other in a divine dance.

I carry this image with me into prayer group and during the sharing of stories, I listen. It is the bow of the dance; the gentle taking of the hand—this listening. We are a community.

We dance.

I close my eyes and feel the sway, the way this being together can be lithe and beautiful. And this is good and lovely but what of the hard stuff?

I’m sharing with my friends at Outside the City Gates today. Will you join me over there? They are graciously hosting a giveaway of my book, Playdates with God: Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown-up World.


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    Laura, you color and flavor The Truth in such a palatable, delightful way. I have, myself, experienced some of the delicate nuances of “the divine dance”; the graceful comm-unity of it.
    Yes, He does ask us to study, to work, to rest, and, finally, to come play with Him! As a person much older than many in your (our) community, I find “the childlike faith” to be the the free-est, the most joyous – the best kind of faith for abundant living! Thanks once again, Laura!

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