West Virginia Morning: 31 Days of Playdates with God

“Every moment is sacred, when we pay attention to it.”–me, Playdates with God
This morning I re-read these words from the book I’ve written—the book that has stolen so many minutes, which can easily steal the sacred if I allow it.  So I am re-reading the book, letting my own words preach to my heart.
October has arrived and the tips of the trees are tinted in reds and yellows and tawny orange hues. The minutes are so much wine poured into the glass, sloshed over the rim, spilled onto the table. And so when the 31 days challenge presented itself to me this year, I knew it would be a chance to practice what I preach.
And this morning’s playdate was so simple, so sweet. A pause in the yard as I took Bonnie out this morning became an invitation. This tiny creature became my host. I marveled at his swollen abdomen, the intricacies of his handiwork, and the way the morning brimmed in a droplet of water.
As I watched my little friend, I began to wonder. Do you know how a spider makes a spider web? Did you know they have different glands to produce different kinds of threads? For example, some threads are sticky for catching prey and some are not so the spider can easily traverse his web. Did you know that producing the silky threads to make the web requires a lot of protein? And that spiders will sometimes eat their webs to recoup some of the energy they put into the spinning?

I spent my morning lost in wonder, in the company of the One who created it all. Watch this and wonder with me at the boundless beauty of God’s creation.

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  1. Kel Rohlf says

    I love that you are using your book to preach to yourself…to practice the sacred in the ordinary…I look forward to seeing how these 31 days unfold for you and those of us “playing’ along!

  2. says

    Wow. I didn’t know that about spiders. I love how the dew creates little jewels on the webs. Why is it so hard to stop and realize that each moment is sacred? This is something I need to keep in mind in my day of kids and homeschool and housework…


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