West Virginia Morning: Harbingers of Light

It’s been raining on and off in our little valley for days now. Rain is usually my love language, but the busy-ness of this week has kept me from enjoying its soft, insistent voice. This morning, the pokeberry in the meadow flashed a warning. Slow down, they said. Look at us. 

The perfect harbingers of light.

Hello, rain. Hello, morning.

IMG_6437 IMG_6438 IMG_6440 IMG_6447

I’m taking the time every day, to invite God into my ordinary, to notice how life responds to his presence when my heart is open to him. It’s a practice that inspired a book. And I’m sharing in community with the 31 dayers.

31 Playdates with God



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    I love to stop and listen to the earth as she sighs deeply after a good rain. We’ve had much needed rain here the last day or two. So thankful for His provision! I’m sharing about your book over on my blog today, Laura. It has so much to say about JOY! Thank you.

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    I love the shocking pink juxtaposed with the lime green, the curve of the fruit branch that echoes a spine, the dark green spokes on the unripe berries, and the spider’s sticky lines that even rain can’t wash away. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this gift from your valley.

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