What Children Know: What it Means to Truly Live


A few frail drops of rain fall and I sit at the breakfast table, wondering.

My New Testament reading this morning is on the Year of Jubilee and I am thinking of freedom. I am thinking of a broken figure in a hospital bed—one of the patients in the hospital where I work—held prisoner by a body that once was taken for granted.

I am thinking of brave words uttered from cracked lips, of a story telling long torment in an able body, of abuse and addiction, and how his eyes are opened now. I am thinking about what it takes to realize the gifts we are given each day of our life.

Do you feel like giving up?

It is something I have to ask, part of my job as a therapist.

Do you want to live?

I stare out my window and I ask myself this question:

What does it mean to truly live?

I’m over at Anita Mathias’s blog today, sharing some thoughts on freedom and having a childlike faith. Will you join me? 

ppst…did you catch all the goings on yesterday? My book, Playdates with God: Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown-up World is officially launched! My friend Diana is hosting a giveaway at her blog. Head on over there for a chance to win a copy!

I’m taking the time every day, to invite God into my ordinary, to notice how life responds to his presence when my heart is open to him. It’s a practice that inspired a book. And I’m sharing in community with the 31 dayers.



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    Congratulations on the new book! I’ve seen it in mentioned today in several places. How exciting! Can’t wait to read it. I hopped over to your friend’s site and jumped into her hat in hopes that she sees me leaping up for my chance to have a playdate! (sorry, creative mind never shuts off—makes it hard to sleep)

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      I’m so glad you did, Mary! I hope you win. I hope everybody wins :). And I know about the creative mind, but mine likes to crash (and burn? sometimes). Thank you for stopping in and for the encouragement.

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    Got 20 entrants in the giveaway thus far – open until next Monday at midnight. The book will go into the mail (book rate!) the next day to whoever the lucky winner might be. Thanks for the plug, Laura.


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