An Early Christmas Gift (giveaway)


The other night, Jeff and I rearranged our living room. He has wanted a recliner for quite some time and we finally splurged and bought him one. This necessitated the entire room be re-thought and switched up. I was worried things would be too crowded but when we finished sliding furniture across the room, I was pleased. I sat in my usual spot at the end of the couch and felt embraced by beauty.

A simple rearrange opened my eyes once again to the loveliness of my home. I remembered the first time we entered through these doors; I was nine months pregnant with our first child. We wandered from room to room in delight, imagining living out life beneath this roof. We moved in and three days later, Teddy was born.

All these memories rushed in, brought about by a simple change. My eyes were opened to the wonder of the ordinary passing of time after all these years.

I don’t know why I forget this simple tool. How tiny changes can open the eyes. Isn’t this what Jesus does for us? 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

I just need eyes to see. It’s the search for the blue flower. Only sometimes, I get comfortable and settle for the dandelion blooms. One thing that keeps me growing, keeps me seeking change, keeps me always seeking to move closer to God is remembering. When I remember my early days in Christ—the wonder of it all, how I hungered for more knowledge, how I craved fellowship with other Christians—it fills me with joy and I am young again; everything is new. One of my favorite ways to remember is to meet with younger Christians; answer their questions, engage with their honest curiosity.

Yesterday, I said one of my favorite things about having writers as friends is that I am blessed with a bounty of books. Today I want to bless you with that gift as well. Today I am giving away two books that I highly recommend for young Christians: Jenny Sulpizio’s For the Love of God: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Faith and Getting Grace and Aaron Tabor’s Jesus Daily: 365 Interactive Devotions. Together these would make a great Christmas gift! Good luck and happy reading and don’t forget to keep you eyes open to the new.

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