Playdates with God: Chuppah


For my playdate this week I went to see a local production of Fiddler on the Roof. I wasn’t planning this as a playdate with God. I rather wanted a friend to share the experience with. But as the time approached it became clear that I would have to go alone or not go at all. I was feeling lonely and sorry for myself and almost decided not to go when I felt that familiar tugging on my heart.

God wanted this to be our time.

So I let my heart be quiet and drove the highway to the theater and sat alone in row R, seat 116 next to the elderly couple who had hearing problems. I always cry at theatrical productions, no matter what the show. Something about the lights going down, the ancient roots of this art, the beauty of a story played out this way … it grips me deep in my spirit. I sat in silent expectation, holding the hand of God.

Though I’m familiar with the story, and the music even, I’ve never seen Fiddler on the Roof acted out; so it was very fresh and new to me. Our local acting guild has some talented artists and the gentleman who played Tevye captured my heart immediately. And when the cast sang Sabbath Prayer and lit the candles? I was moved to tears. Even this little representation of this holy celebration filled my heart with longing.

It’s a story of a father’s love, of children making hard choices, the challenges of dealing with change, and trusting God. As the curtain lowered on Tevye and his family leaving their beloved home of Anatevka, it struck me how often we are all called to a new place, a new country.

God spoke to me in the story, in the music, in the crowd and their responses. I could tell you what he said, but maybe you should listen for yourself? When was the last time you heard God’s voice speak through art? Oh, my, it’s so lovely.

As I drove home alone from the play, the sun was beginning to lower herself in the western sky. The threads of pinks and golden hues looked to me like a chuppah, a marriage canopy. I was covered with love and felt this promise anew: You will never be alone.


Every Monday I’ll be sharing one of my Playdates with God. I would love to hear about yours. It can be anything: outside, quiet time. Maybe it’s solitary. Maybe it’s loud and crowded. Just find Him. Be with Him. Grab my button at the bottom of the page and join us:

Laura Boggess


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    And this, Laura, this I take away today, pure and simple … ‘holding the hand of God.’

    Blessings as we walk through this week simply doing the next thing, whether clutching tight or gently interwoven. His hand, ours, together.

  2. says

    Oh, what a joy to do things sometimes with God alone! I’ve got two events this week where it will be just me and God (well, and all the people he will place all around me! ha).

    And Fiddler on the Roof–yes, I always cry too. I’ve seen it live with my daughter who had every word of every song memorized since she was small. It was a delight.

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      How fun that your daughter loved Fiddler so much! I really was so moved by the performance. And our local actors did a wonderful job. Have fun on your dates with God this week, Lisa 😉

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    You always cry at the theater, I always cry at parades. It happens when the marching bands go by. I’m not sure why? Believe me I’ve tried to analyze it and over analyze it because, “Who cries at a parade?”

    I am practicing find God in my own thoughts and words, my daily affirmations. Each time, He speaks gently into my heart, “I know who you are and I love you.”

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      Oh, my goodness, Jenny, I love me a marching band! Of course, my son is on the drumline at his high school so I get all choked up at how proud I am of him when he goes by. It makes a difference knowing how much they put into it. I love your daily affirmations. We do need to speak more kindly to ourselves, don’t we? Thanks for sharing that with me today, friend.

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    I love, love, love that photo, Laura! What a gift God gave you–seeing the clouds in perfect “chuppah” form! Fiddler on the Roof is one of my favorites, but I’ve never seen it in play form. Now I have something to add to my bucket list! 🙂 Thanks for hosting, my friend!

  5. Lynn D. Morrissey says

    So lovely, Laura, and I’m so glad you went. You weren’t alone after all. I’ve done this with theatre or concerts, but rarely–simply because it’s hard to make the tim. and usually Mike goes w/ me. But I don’t mind going alone. I love Fiddler, and am suddenly reminded of our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary, when Michael and I decided to take real wedding vows for the first time. Yes, we were married in a church in 1975, but frankly, looking back, we realize we were not really Christians, and this was the era when it was fasionable to write your own vows. So, all those years later, I wanted to do it right. So while we were renewing vows with a minister officiating, in a sense we were taking them for the first time. And my beloved father, now with Jesus, sang “Sunrise, Sunset” (from Fiddler). He had a gorgeous basso-profundo voice, and even then, because of his frailty, it had weakened. And yet somehow, in the sweetness of that moment, it sounded to me loud and clear, and was a strong declaration of our love for each other, and Daddy’s love for us both. I LOVE FIDDLER!

    • says

      What a beautiful memory, Lynn. How wonderful it must have been to hear that lovely song in your father’s voice. It’s bringing tears to my eyes just imagining it. I’ve been reading your Love Letters to God in my quiet time in the morning and to me, your journal time sounds like a very special date with God. And I love thinking of the Bible as a love letter to me from God. It truly is deeper intimacy :). Love to you.

      • Lynn D. Morrissey says

        Thank you for these kind words, Laura. I miss Daddy more than I can say, and it was a very special memory. He died not too long afterward. Ah yes…….my playdate with God in my journal, which I have often called trysting time or meeting with HIm in the secret garden of my soul. And yes, I do think of the Bible as God’s love letter to us (which is one reason I think it is so appropriate to write a love letter back to Him). Funny…….I’ve been reading Playdates in my daily rendezous with God and have just finished it. It’s a wonderful book, Larua, in so many ways. I have savored every moment, writing in it and highlighting it as I go. I know I’ll read it again and again. Thank you for such a precious gift.

  6. says

    Years ago I had a small part in Fiddler. I appreciate so much more of what it takes to pull off a musical production. Makes me wonder about God’s point of view as we humans play our parts in this theatre called life. Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Wow, Jerry, I’m so impressed! I tried to get my sons to go with me but it seems they may have already gotten the idea that theater is not a “guy thing.” So I’m trying to reverse that. I don’t know if I’ll succeed but I’ll keep trying :). When I read your post this morning about never seeing your parents show affection, I thought, “there are so many things we take for granted that our children know.” We really need to demonstrate much more than we do in so many areas. I might resort to bribery for the next production:)

  7. says

    I can remember very clearly a time when I went on a date with Jesus. My (now ex) husband had earned a trip with his company to St. Maarten and one day we went on a snorkeling trip. There were several people feeling a bit seasick from the rocking of the boat, and he was one of them. So they all went back to the hotel, while us brave ones moved on for more snorkeling. When I got back, a few people snickered and commented on how drunk my husband was. I was so embarrassed and angry. I went up to the room and he was passed out. I couldn’t and didn’t even want to wake him. I felt so betrayed (again) and hurt. This was a recurring theme in our marriage. I wasn’t going to let this affect me and I certainly wasn’t staying in. So I decided to go out to dinner with Jesus. Of course, anyone passing by our table thought I was alone, but I very clearly saw and felt Jesus sitting across from me. It was such a healing time. I never forgot it. It’s a good thing that God can read our minds, because if I’d had to make conversation, I would have looked like I was nuts!

    • says

      Thanks for sharing that tender memory, Mary. I’m glad that you had that date with God. And I’ve had that same thought–I better not talk out loud! Sometimes I do. I probably do look nuts 🙂

  8. Sharon says

    There are few songs that will more quickly move me to tears than “Sunrise, Sunset.” I love when God speaks to us through art. I have often been moved by music or paintings. It fascinates me to see how God’s creative nature is reflected in our own.


    • says

      Oh, my goodness, I was in danger of the ugly cry when he sang that one. Yes, we were made in his image–to create and see it as good. I don’t know why we don’t cultivate that part of our lives more. Or maybe it’s just me :). I’m going to work harder on that.

  9. says

    I loved reading this post, Laura, as my husband & I have taken to local plays in the last few months. We have found it to be so enjoyable. It is amazing the very places our God will meet with us. I am finding that when I get to those places, He is already waiting for me 🙂 Blessings on your week!

  10. says

    I’m crazy excited to hear that you went out on a date with the Lord all by yourself to a public place. That is HUGE. Theaters and restaurants are the two that would challenge me the most. (I sense a playdate in my future and a big social challenge!) I love that you were able to experience a classic in an entirely new and creative way. God is so cool like that. Thanks for inspiring us to jump out of our comfort zone today. It’s fun to see what God teaches us in those moments. Blessings on your week. 🙂

  11. says

    Laura, I always cry at plays and really even when the symphony is just tuning up, too! And Fiddler… how that music sings to the soul. Glad you got to go to this… and that you heard Him in… I have a memory of even as a child how sunrise sunset made me cry. That amazes me… that it could move a child with no frame of reference for how quickly time goes… at least not the way I know it now. Music truly rich in His Spirit… love all the ways you describe this…. I popped over here right after writing about the sunset tonight, having no idea of your subject…. Sacred echo, I think… 🙂

  12. says

    Fiddler on the Roof is one of my favorite plays, I think because it was the first drama I was able to participate in on stage. I played Tzeitel and still remember the deep voice of Tevye as he sang and spoke with the slow deep conviction. I am glad you were able to go to the play and just sit and enjoy the beauty of being close with the Father.

  13. says

    Oh, this is me, too . . .crying at musical productions . . . Disney movies . . . Fiddler on the Roof is so beautiful. My mother played this soundtrack over and over in our home, and it was so fun to see it performed with her, when I was a child. When I saw it again, two years ago, it was performed by the youth musical theater group in our area, and I was totally crying. The beauty of song, of dance, of story and family and hardship and perseverance and love . . . So grateful. I love how you hold HIs hand, Laura. I’ve never gone to a performance like that alone . . . or, I think, spent time with Him in an experience with art, or, at least, performance art. Thank you so much, dear sister, for the invitation. It is one I don’t want to continue to miss.

  14. says

    We’ve had so many of those brilliant sunsets and glorious sunrises, lately! The Autumn season seems to draw them out and amplify their beauty.

    Thank you for sharing the beauitufl picture as well as your beautiful experience at the play. I love Fiddler on the Roof, BTW…one of my favorites!

    Blessings to you, Laura!

  15. says

    Thank you, Laura, for this affirmation, so important to our dance ministry, that God does use the performing arts to speak to His children, and, we pray, to soften the hearts of those who are not yet His. Thanks for hosting & God bless!


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