The Best Way to Spend Black Friday (and a Guest Post)


I slept in this morning. All the way to seven thirty. There is the slightest dusting of snow on the ground and I’ve already filled the bird feeders. This day after Thanksgiving is a good day to savor, to reflect, to remember. For us, Black Friday is a day to slow. We don’t have enough of those days to just be together. The boys and I started a rummy tournament this week. It was something I used to do with my siblings, and later my roommate in college–keep a long-running game going. Later, we’ll take Bonnie for a chilly walk and laugh together at her silly ways. 

Together. That’s the best way to spend Black Friday. Visiting with folks you care about. Today I’m visiting with Michelle Derusha, writing for her faith heroine series.

Wonder Woman

When I was six or seven years old, I had a girl-crush on Wonder Woman, aka Lynda Carter. I waited eagerly each week for a new episode of her adventures, pretending in the meantime that I could repel bullets with my cool gold bracelets or make my brother tell the truth with my magic lasso.

It seemed to me that a heroine was someone larger than life, who had special powers and fought off evil at every turn. And maybe looked good in tights. I didn’t have a lot of real-life heroines. There weren’t many people in my young life that saw much worth investing in. But my mother prayed with my siblings and me every night. She did the hard work of taking four young children to church three times a week. By herself.

Will you join me for the rest of the story over at Michelle’s?

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