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Yesterday, the sun came out for the first time this week and I drove to church alone with sunglasses on, blinking in the light. It was the second Sunday of Advent and the preacher preached about the power of God and then he called me up to administer communion. It’s my favorite thing, to stand at that table and look out at faces I love; to hold up the bread and wine and give the invitation. All the talk about God’s power reminded me how gracious a host our Creator is. How he gave up all that power for a time to set this table for us.

I stood there at that table thinking of Christmas parties and Christmas dinner and family and all the people I work with—how we create a space for each other every day—and I felt a pulling in my heart. This Christmas season is often about hospitality, but isn’t every day about hospitality too? I’ve been thinking about how my hospitality is a response to God.

God, the most gracious of all hosts, who spread all of creation before us. God, who shed his spirit-self and took on man-skin to be with us. God, who emptied himself fully, giving his very life. Even now God is giving in ways both seen and unseen.

In her book Soul Feast, Marjorie Thompson says, “Hospitality in biblical times was understood as a way of meeting and receiving holy presence.”

Isn’t this still true today?

When I open the door for my holiday guests this season, I’m going to try to see our time together as worship.

What ways are you practicing hospitality this season?hospitality pin


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    “When I open the door for my holiday guests this season, I’m going to try to see our time together as worship.” Beautifully said friend. This Advent season our family is opening our doors to others, letting them in, and we are having so many marvelous moments talking about our Creator. But you are right, it’s not just about this time of the year, we are called to hospitality daily.Thanks for the beautiful reminder today!

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    Yes! I am still thinking of the beauty of friends around me wanting to celebrate a milestone in my life. We decided to have it be a reunion of sorts, where friends we hadn’t seen for years but who had affected our lives over the years were invited. It was a big guest list, and my friends who threw the party were beautiful in their wide open hearts for the people who came through that door. We are each blessed by one another’s hospitality. I am so grateful.

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    Oh friend, it’s been too long since I visited this place. Congratulations on your book and the beautiful website redesign. I pray you are well and growing in the Lord. Many Advent blessings to you and yours.

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      Do you know I’ve been thinking of you, C? Bonnie is growing so fast and I’ve often thought that I need to get you a photo of her since you were such a source of comfort to me when we lost our Lucy Mae. How is your little man? This is a busy, busy season, I know and our furry babies add to the joy. Sending much love to you!

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    How beautiful a thought —- to think of hospitality as a means of worship. How grateful I am to have been graciously received at His Table yesterday. So grateful you shared your thoughts on this. Blessings!

  5. says

    How I love your windows and your doors photos – and your gracious hospitality. A person walking through my door – when you’ve been to my house more than once, you start coming through the back door – is an opportunity to love them, hopefully, allow them to feel His grace and His acceptance – just like He is all day long – when I look – He shares his hospitality with me! Such grace in this visit tonight. What blessing!

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    I think, this year, I’m seeking a hospitality that honors who I am. In this season of hustle and bustle, I’m longing for quiet, slow conversations and meeting of hearts and exploring how to cultivate that with four little ones under tow. I’m also reminding myself that now is not the only time, there are other seasons with less intensity and more gentleness in which we can be and welcome guests.

  7. Sharon says

    It occurs to me that hospitality can pertain to many things, not just opening our homes. I am reminded of the Scripture: “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” (Hebrews 13:2, ESV)

    Just the other day, my husband and I came across a homeless man. He wasn’t asking for money directly, just had a sign next to him saying, “Please help.” Well, we gave him a small amount of money, but then the Holy Spirit totally tapped my heart. Without thinking, I blurted out, “Do you get cold? Could you use a blanket?” Of course, he said yes. Well, hubby and I got in the car and drove to a nearby store and bought him a blanket, a sweatshirt, and some water. He was very grateful, and told us, “God bless you.” I realized that God had indeed blessed us – by speaking to our hearts, by teaching us how to give, and by the good feeling of helping someone in need.

    I’m not saying this to toot our own horn. Not at all. But, what I wondered as we drove away was this – what if this was an angel? What if God was testing our ability to hear His voice and our willingness to respond in obedience?

    This verse: “And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least…you will surely be rewarded.” (Matthew 10:42, NLT)

    The reward is Jesus, and His blessing.

    Hospitality is indeed opening our homes, but perhaps more importantly, it’s all about opening our hearts.


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