We Walk


We walk.

It’s not something I planned, or thought out very well, but I remember my mother doing the same with me. And ever since their legs could carry their small frames upright, this is what we’ve done.

Sometimes it’s just me, needing to get out from under the thumb of the house…needing to breath deep. But as I squeeze through the small crack in the door—shrug off the bindings of the day—I give the invitation. And they usually follow.

We stand on the threshold of the world together, my two boys and I, look into each other’s faces, and step out.

I’m sharing one of our favorite family activities over at the Laity Lodge Family Camp blog today. Have you been there? It’s one of my dreams to spend a week with my family at Family Camp. I hear transformation occurs. And I’m into that. Always being conformed and transformed. Come over and check it out? We’ll leave the light on for you. 


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    I love this post for a couple of reasons. I find it inspirational, first of all. I think I’ll start walking with my kids. We all need more fresh air! The other thing I appreciate is your recognizing what you do well and sharing it with confidence. Because truth is: none of us does everything well. But all of us do something well, and we should celebrate it.

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