About that Extra Five Pounds I Gained Over the Holidays…  


It’s still hanging around.

I can feel it, and I know when you hold me, you do too.

It was unfortunate that the elliptical broke mid-September and attempts to collect on that warranty proved fruitless. It became a monstrous clothesline—convenient for hanging jackets and sweatshirts on arms and pedals and console. And then the cold snap, with temperatures so low these running legs became paralyzed. Remarkable then, that my right heel bruised tender with plantar fasciitis, protesting with each step. We were sequestered inside with Christmas cookies and muffuletta sandwiches and that extra, unnecessary cocktail.

Those little treats remain with me, reminding of the making merry—echoing laughter around my waist. Sometimes hospitality means a second helping. And so around mid-December I began to feel it—the slight snugging of my clothes, a gentle softening around the edges of me.

We are getting back on track, of course we are. But slowly. There are more important things. Like the way you still think I’m beautiful. How you pull me close, and the way our bodies melt like wax together. It’s a thick kind of love that breathes under fingers, a love that sees beyond the skin, beyond the years, and peers back into the wedding day.

You still look at me with fire in your eyes, because you see the “imperishable” beauty that Peter talked about (1 Peter 3:3-6). And because you love me this way, I also can. I can love myself enough to feel beautiful, to see with God eyes and embrace beauty from the inside out.

I can love myself enough to embrace these extra five pounds. But also enough to take better care of this fragile vessel, this temple for the Spirit I carry within my skin.

So about that five extra pounds I gained over the holidays? I’m not too worried about them. They may be here for a little while longer. But I’m taking my eyes off the scales and looking through Love.

And I doubt I’ll even notice when they’re gone.


  1. Lynn D. Morrissey says

    I’m thinking that you are just about one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever met, Laura, and while I had never considered it in this light before, I think it’s because of your weight! 🙂 Your words, your heart, your actions tip the scales with the “tonnage” of love. The way you live, Laura, is a reflection of God’s glory—His weightiness, His worthiness. The way you live and love others is in the light of His glory. We are fortunate to be able to bask in it. As for those five extra physical pounds and your snugly zipping jeans, it’s but a gentle reminder of which you are aware, and I’m thinking that a fling with spring and the running track will take care of that. I personally rarely use a scale because my clothes take its place. I speak only for myself here, but I was at least forty pounds heavier at one time, so I’m grateful for things like zippers and buttons just to remind me of times I need to walk more and eat less. But wow, it’s not the most important thing whatever. I just want to weigh heavily in what counts, just like you. Or should I say, if I ever grow up, I’d like to *be* like you?!

    • says

      I love thinking these “weight”-y thoughts with you, Lynn. :). You are very kind and I am blessed to have friends who see beauty the way God does. Your beauty just overflows from your heart, Lynn. And “the king is enthralled by your beauty” (Psalm 45:11). Leaves me breathless.

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