Naked (or How Cheryl Smith Saved My Life)

Ok, so maybe that sounds a bit dramatic. But after flying nearly 1500 miles from my West Virginia home to a retreat center in the heart of the Texas hill country and discovering I’d left my makeup bag at home, it felt like a little death.

I slowly unpacked my suitcase upon arrival, trying not to panic as the removal of each carefully folded item failed to unearth the truant toiletries. Where were they? Could they have fallen out during some airline spotcheck? Did some wayward airline employee take a shine to my free Clinique bag that was last month’s bonus? Frantic, I Facetimed my husband. Sure enough, he walked me up to our bathroom and there it was, all zipped and ready. Still on the countertop, 1500 miles away.

I looked at my roommate, with her beautiful olive skin and long black hair. “I left my makeup bag at home,” I said.

If you really want to know how my friend Cheryl Smith saved me, I’m over at Jumping Tandem: the Retreat blog today, sharing the rest of the story. Have I mentioned that I will be the pastor in residence at this wonderful retreat come May 1-3? You really should join us.

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