Holy Saturday


The whole of life feels like the waiting. Sealed in this tomb, locked in darkness. Light is the stuff of legends, flits across the mind the way a bird lights on a tree limb. Scripture tells us, “For all creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.” (Romans 8:19) I feel the sharp intake of breath, the stiffening of awaited release.

Resurrection Day is the already-here-but-yet-to-come day; the day we search our hearts for every bit of light that is hope. The work of the cross is done but still working within us.

If the God who revealed life to us, and whose only desire is to bring us to life, loved us so much that he wanted to experience with us the total absurdity of death, then—yes, then there must be hope; then there must be something more than death; then there must be a promise that is not fulfilled inour short existence in this world; then leaving behind the ones you love, the flowers and the trees, the mountains and the oceans, the beauty of art and music, and all the exuberant gifts of life cannot be just the destruction and cruel end of all things; then indeed we have to wait for the third day.”~ Henri Nouwen

There must be hope. And so we wait.


  1. says

    Thank you Laura…for the reminder. There is so much dying in these days and grief, but the hope is real…it must be! And other than the Bible, it would be Henri Nouwen whose words I would want, if I were ever in prison, wilderness or the dark night… {{{{ hugs }}}}

  2. Sharon Gibbs says

    Laura, Your words evoke such promise filled with light and warmth… and hope. A beautiful vision. I am filled with joy to know that the cross is still working within us through our thoughts, desires, actions, and yes, your words. Thank you.

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