Holy Wednesday: Surrender


This week I have been watching the red buds on the Maple tree unfurl slowly, like the fingers of a fist opening up, one by one. And I think, isn’t this what Lent is? Opening the hand this way? My morning reading is about pride and theologian John Stott says, “The essence of sin is man substituting himself for God, while the essence of salvation is God substituting himself for man.”

Holy week has never been so busy and full of questions and worry. We are weighing out options for the future and sometimes it feels like this one decisioneverything rides on this.

I have to keep reminding myself that there are no guarantees, that I am not God, and God will use even the grandest mistake for his glory. Sometimes this lack of control feels like being between a rock and a hard place. Sometimes it feels exhilaratingly like freedom. I am still being shaped and molded and so I am not ashamed to say that the former feels more familiar.

But I am taking my cue from the Maple. Watching the slow unfurling become a thing of utter beauty.

I wanted to share this interview with you, friends. It was done in late February but just recently released by Armstrong Cable, a regional company that conducts interviews with local authors. Speaking of pride, do you know how difficult it is to watch oneself on a screen? I made a million mistakes in the way I said things, the way I held myself. But I offer this humble before you and give thanks for the opportunity. (subscribers, if you’d like to watch the video, click on over here or watch it on YouTube.)


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    Surrender is my word for the year………the Holy Spirit reminded me the other morning in church that it’s not about what we have to give up that is at stake, but what we’ll gain in the letting go. Oh, Jesus, remind me always… the unfurling leaves are a perfect picture of that.
    Thank you, friend.

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      What a perfect word to focus on, Jody. I’m having to practice surrender as a discipline this year. Funny how easy it is when life hums along smoothly! Praying you are having a lovely Holy Week.


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