How Singing Heals




The tender shoots of the greens I planted weeks ago are peeking up through the soil of my garden and filling me with hope. With the wet breath of morning, I tuck more seeds into bed between the green leafy bundles. For now, they sleep, but soon, they too will reach for the sun. The house sparrows have taken over my bluebird box again. Inside their nest are five brown-speckled eggs. No matter how many sparrow nests I pull from that box, they outwit me with perseverance every year. When I reach in to find the raspy nest filled with eggs, I haven’t the heart to pull it from the box. I utter an apology to the bluebirds as prayer.

We are tired. Tired from travel, from lifting the heavy weight of choices, from preparing for what is to come. Friday morning I will fly to Nebraska for the Jumping Tandem Retreat, and I am looking forward to seeing my sisters. But the well of activities that needs doing between here and there feels tremendous. I have been struggling against its depth.

I fill my head with the music of the Psalms and I remember a study my friend Mike told me about that showed how singing boosts our immune systems. “God made our bodies so that singing helps to heal us,” he told me.

I sing to the new greens in my garden. I listen to the birdsong of the persistent sparrows and let my heart be strengthened.

What song do you sing today?


  1. says

    Laura, this post is right on time for me. I am actually leading an online Bible study on loneliness right now, and yesterday one of the Scriptures we looked at was Psalms 95. I shared that worship is so important. On dark days, I try to have music on, and I sing along as I can.

    I will be sharing your post (and the article you linked to) with the our group today. 🙂

  2. Lynn D. Morrissey says

    Hi Laura,….just lovely as always. And you already know what I think about singing! 🙂 And I always am. I don’t think there is a day that goes by when I am not singing several times a day–whether in the shower, at our grand piano, doing my daily round, on walks, in the car, and even when shopping. Sheridan says that I sing *at* her, like Hyacinth Bucket (pronounce that Bouquet). I’m like Hyacinth in many ways (pretension anyone?!), but that is another story. But singing helps me to exude joy in the Lord. And it’s just plain fun. I come from a singing family. So if you keep singing, no doubt your sons will too!
    Have fun at JT! How I wish I could be there, but the timing isn’t right for me this year. Pls. know I will be with you, Deidra, and all in spirit!
    And now, I am headed to the shower to sing in time with the pulsing water!


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