Playdates with God: Promise


In the long winter my body has forgotten. It has forgotten how to bend and stoop and open to the earth. It remembers only how to fold in upon itself, to become the sleeping seed, to curl up against the cold. But as the green shoots stir and reach up out of their slumber, the dust within me begins to awaken.

All day I pull weeds from the beds in my back yard where beauty is beginning to open her eyes. My ancient bones protest against this reunion, but—like a sister—I press on, letting her awaken gently, making room for the stretch and yawn. I take the flat-edged shovel and make the boundaries sharper, stir the soil on the brim of the beds, let my hands dig deep to break up clods of unyielding earth. I sift it all through my sieve-fingers.

I am not alone. There are many visitors. A hairy woodpecker raps on the trunk of the towering walnut tree. The robin’s song gives cheerful company. Earthworms wriggle and the wind lifts the meadow grasses. A tiny titmouse perches above me and admonishes me for how large and clumsy I am. I talk to him, try making the “pish”-ing sound to signal my good nature. He cocks his head to one side, curious. The sun falls soft over us and the smell of earth is a heady perfume and I am happy.

My body begins to remember.

There is still much work to do and I am reacquainted with ibuprofen but this is the song of spring. We have been preoccupied with a big decision and sleep gives way to worry but fresh air does much to treat this malady. At night I dream about church bells and robinsong and I awaken with the scent of earth in my nostrils and that feeling of excitement that something good will come soon.

The waking earth holds in her womb a promise. The slow awakening helps me remember.

Every Monday I share one of my Playdates with God. I would love to hear about yours. It can be anything: outside, quiet time. Maybe it’s solitary. Maybe it’s loud and crowded. Just find God and know joy. I try to visit a few of your stories every week, so if you are a new visitor, be sure to let me know in the comments so I can welcome you. Grab my button at the bottom of the page and join us. **UPDATE: Friends, I had to close the linky due to a large number of inappropriate linkups. Please accept my sincere apologies if any of you, dear readers, inadvertently visited one of these inappropriate links. I’m going to have to think about what to do for our future playdates posts. In the meantime, please leave your link in the comments so our community may continue to visit. Again, I’m so, so sorry!


Laura Boggess


  1. says

    There really is a slow awakening in us as spring blossoms all around. Most of the time I welcome it–especially from my window! But to kneel in that moist earth and plant or replant is not something I’m ready for just yet, Laura. But your persevering and refreshing spirit and words inspire me to get back to my languishing yard! Thanks so much for the linkup!

  2. says

    That slow awakening you describe so aptly – and beautifully – He designed it that way for us – didn’t He – because He knew we’d need reminding! Praying that God make the big decisions easy to make!

  3. Sharon says

    I am well-acquainted with ibuprofen, and not a stranger to sleepless nights filled with worry. So I really identified with your words. But oh, Laura, how much I was encouraged by your musings about spring and re-birth. I could see in my mind what you were seeing, hear what you were hearing. If we open our eyes, we can see God all around us. And yes, we will remember His blessings.


  4. says

    What a beautiful picture of the earth awakening. I can almost picture it as our new lives in Christ, both here and in the next world. We came back from wintering away in the south – to snow on the backyard, and piled up snow on the sides. But it is melting. Glorious today and can’t wait to feel the earth in my hands again.Love your picture. Feels warm and tactile.

    Blessings to you,

  5. says

    what a lovely picture of you opening yourself body, garden and soul for spring’s gentle awakening…Praying God will give you wisdom and peace re: your big decision knowing however you decide, God holds you and your loved ones (Romans 8:28-30)…((hugs))

  6. says

    I am enjoying reawakening to spring too. I planted flowers last week (and also got reacquainted with ibuprofen). 🙂 The past three days our AC has been broken, so thankfully it’s been a wonderful spring week to keep the windows open and hear the birds and the bullfrogs and the geese.

  7. says

    This is beautiful, Laura. The slow awakening reminds me how the whole creation groans while awaiting redemption and renewal. Praise God for seasons that remind us of our own rebirth. Thanks for hosting & God bless.

  8. says

    Oh, Laura, this resonates so beautifully, right down to your comment about ibuprofen, lol! I’ve been working the flower beds, planting herbs, lantana and searching for milkweed to offer up to the butterflies. My soul is singing the song of nature and all her symphonies, and being awakened to the wonder of His creation once again. May this awakening comfort and sustain you the days to come. Many blessings.

  9. Teresa R says

    The home my husband and I moved into last August came with 7 rose bushes in varying sizes of growth. With our recent rain, all but one have started blooming. I enjoy going out in our yard and viewing those lovely flowers in different colors. A few I have clipped and brought inside to brighten our kitchen

  10. says

    I believe this is my first visit to your lovely blog. I was blessed by your beautiful style of writing. Your description awakens my senses, making me feel that I am right there alongside you in this rediscovering of new life. Beautiful!

  11. says

    So beautifully descriptive. My husband is the gardener in our home and coxes such beautiful growth. Yet in this spring in my heart I am seeing growth, an unfolding, warmth entering and expanding. It’s long overdue.

  12. says

    This is a beautiful description of spring! Just as the earth must thaw from the harsh winter, our bodies need to adjust to this new season. But oh am I so excited! I love watching all the new life spring up…in nature, in me, and in the people around me. Blessings, Laura!

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    Friends, I had to close the linky due to a VERY large number of inappropriate linkups. I am so sorry if any of you visited any of those inappropriate sites! What a strange world we live in. Please forgive? Please include your link in the comments if you would like to participate. I’m so grateful for this sweet community.


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