Wanted: Home for a Boy (A Makes You Mom Post)


We are looking for a home for our son. A place where he might eat and sleep the next four years, study a particular concentration, and possibly grow into himself a little more. This home-seeking has been a long process, an arduous process, and his father and I fight worry over the smallest things.

So, this morning, I do laundry. I want to make sure he has everything he needs for this next very-important-college-visit-trip.

I haul the soiled stuff down the stairs. I sort and load. I listen for the sharp beep that signifies the wash is ready to be transferred to the dryer. I fold for over an hour while the members of my household do other things.

I’m sharing over at Makes You Mom today. Will you join me there? Also, stay tuned for an update on this story …

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