Playdates with God: Yes to Sabbath Moments



My playdates have been small lately, but rich. So many things tie me to the house—this ever-busy calendar of ours. This is the in-between time, the time of waiting for summer’s exhale when the earth and I can breathe a deep sigh.

For Father’s Day last year, the boys bought their dad a hammock and isn’t that just perfect? It’s where Bonnie and I have been grabbing our dates with the Father lately. Every afternoon or early evening we recline under the Maple tree, listen to the meadow grasses offer a shooshing to the wind, and memorize the way light falls through reaching branches.

Bonnie stretches out beneath the cupping cloth; she finds a stick to chew or digs for grubs in the grass. And I just listen. The sounds the ear tunes out in the course of a day amaze. It is more than birdsong; there is the steady ticking of metal on wood as the wiry fence gives sway, the sounds of distant traffic, the bark of a dog, squee of a young child … and if I listen closely, I can hear the buzzing of my friends the honeybees.

When I was a girl, this was what summer looked like. Exhausted by the spending of all those long, hot days, my sister and I would rest on our backs in the high grass, stare up into the sky, and study the clouds. This was true extravagance, I know, and how my heart longs for that kind of freedom once again.

In his book My Bright Abyss, poet and essayist Christian Wiman says, “To be innocent is to retain that space in your heart that once heard a still, small voice saying not your name so much as your nature, and the wherewithal to say again and forever your wordless but lucid, your untriumphant but absolute, yes.”

This is what the Sabbath moment restores to me. Innocence. A naming of my true nature. Space to say yes to a God who is always asking.

Yes. Yes. A thousand times, yes.

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Laura Boggess


  1. says

    Laura, I loved this >> “This is what the Sabbath moment restores to me. Innocence. A naming of my true nature. ” How very beautiful We so need a naming, at times a re-naming of our true nature. Thank you! May you enjoy that hammock! Blessings!

  2. says

    You make me jealous of your hammock and time with Jesus this am friend. My time with Him has been in bible study every morning, and journaling and it’s been so precious to bring that sweet time back into a daily routine. xoxo

  3. says

    Coming to a full stop. Basking in the presence of God that is always there, but rushed right by. What a glorious thing this is. Thank you for your words today.

  4. says

    Oh, how I long for that “true extravagance” of lying on my back and watching the clouds. Beautifully expressed, Laura!

  5. says

    Thanks for your gentle and buttery words that are a reminder to us all to be still and spend time with God and His creation. Those moments fill our souls for sure! Thanks for the linkup, Laura!

  6. Lynn D. Morrissey says

    Simply breathtaking, Laura. Maybe dating God is more a state of mind. Changing scenery is helpful….those exciting, playful things. But you prove that you can spend uninterrupted hammock-time with him right where you are and still *rest*. This is soooo lovely, and I love you.

  7. says

    I love this Laura! This is the second week that I have linked up… and God has been taking me to quiet spaces lately – and reminding me of Sabbath!

  8. says

    Times for Sabbath rest. So important. A gift, really. Given to us by our loving, heavenly Father. How often do we neglect His gift, and miss out on His very best for us? Thank you for the reminder today.

    Blessings and hugs,


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