Playdates with God: First Monday of Advent


The first Sunday of Advent found us on the road, returning our son to his scholastic nest after a week of giving thanks. We traveled for a total of nine hours yesterday, watching the sun-chariot of Helios arc across the sky through the windshield. We missed the lighting of the first candle with our church family, the candle of hope, but as day dwindled into night and we drove away from our son, I felt the flame of hope kindled in my heart.

He is growing into his own person and this week felt like meeting him anew in many ways. Every smile was an answer to prayer. Today, it feels right to step from gratitude into hope. It has been a long year. We live into decisions made of sacrifice, uncertainty marks our steps. There have been disappointments and new beginnings, but the light of this season reminds us this story we are living is only part of the tale.

Advent always stirs that deep longing, fills with expectation. I strain my neck to see the manger, but also look inward to find Christ in me. I look ahead to the day when all will be made new in this tired world. Sometimes, it’s hard to let that work begin with me, let my fingers slip from the tight grip with which I hold it all.

John Calvin said that the world is a theater of God’s glory, that he is “inclined to allure us to himself by gentle and loving means.” In his book Ravished by Beauty, theologian Belden C. Lane says, “[P]raise is a matter of studying in minute detail the footprints of God in the world.” He is referring to nature, but I have followed God’s footprints through the ways he is working in the lives of those I love of late. I step into Advent with wonder and awe, cradling tiny flames of light.

Hope. How it does light the way. May your week be filled with light, Beloveds.

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Laura Boggess


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    Following God’s footprints…love that imagery, Laura. Glad you got to spend Thanksgiving with your son home. It’s always hard to see them leave again, but a little easier at this time of year because you know they’ll be back soon for Christmas! Blessings to you as you always show such light to us.

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    Hi Laura – You have brought us such beautiful imagery again. Advent – no matter how many years we get to experience it, it still falls fresh & new. May our God fill you with His hope & give you eyes to see what He has for you this year. XO

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    Thanks for the reminders about hope and light. I think of Helios’ daily journey, how we have hope for return of light each day. I remember how Israel waited . . . and waited for the Light of the Messiah, for any message from God, really. Thanks, Laura!

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    Hope… such a small word with such large connotations. Hope is like a subjective thought that depends fully upon the consequent that follows, or perhaps the antecedent before it, and as I ponder the power of hope connected with Advent and the looking forward, I am sure that it may be both. When Christ is before us and the consequence of our pursuit then Hope depends completely upon His ability to fulfill it. What more can we ascribe to? He is the Alpha and Omega and our beginning and our ending and through it all, our glorious eternal Hope.

    You have inspired me to go deep today with your theological leadings. Happy 1st Week of Advent, Laura!


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