Weather Forecast (a poem)


this will be remembered
as the Christmas of sixty degrees
when we went walking in shorts
and wore flip-flops as we sat
on the patio in the fading light
of day

the trees adorned with flashing
wings; morning drips from gray
branches; the meadow covered
in white mist

I have two sets of eyes, two sets
of ears; my skin holds the memory
of life hoped for, taken, healed

I am a sponge, filled with the water
of dreams, your voice strong
inside me, like the north wind,
all my worth measured by
the light in your eyes

beauty is a wild thing I stalk,
gathering fog by the armfuls and
heaping it onto yesterday

the lights on the Christmas tree
glisten, winking in reflection on
naked branches outside the window

the weatherman calls for rain.


  1. Marilee says

    God bless you for your faithfulness in seeking out the simple joys of a morning walk or seeing other lovely things. May you have a gentle, peaceful Christmas.


  2. says


    Lovely poem. It sounds like it is warmer where you are than in California. Praying you and yours have a joy filled and blessed Christmas 🙂 I could hear your sweet voice as I read the poem 🙂

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